Saint Laurent Spring-Summer 2013: The ‘Skinny Lookbook’ Y La Collection Full

The other day I have been progressing the first lookbook male collection of Saint Laurent, with the debut in the signature of Hedi Slimane. A proposal in the line of the recognizable aesthetic that became so popular the French creator, during the reign of slim under his ‘rule’ was in Dior Homme times (2002-2007).

And it is that, five years later, Slimane has returned to the fray, and has done to be confirmed in its beginnings. If first lookbook gave us clear tracks that the shots were going to be very much in the line of his previous work, this second one today we show, does nothing more than ratify.

The skinny lookbook

This new and complementary baptized catalogue as the ‘skinny lookbook’, for obvious reasons, is played by model Gryphon O’Shea, with photos that signs the own Slimane, as well as made for the campaign. A proposal very in tune with the former though, in this case, with an accent more casual and informal, with preference for the workpieces denim.

We are talking about the favorite tight cuts, citrines and basic tones palette, of the marked air minimal in most of the garments… In addition to these small style details such as zippers in sweaters, the Eather in the U.S., or pleats in shirts, give some examples.

With regard to the use of prints, pretty Park, by the way, opts for the stripes, the Leopard, more one than another with geometric patterns, but always in black white. Prints that They accentuate the marked air to the rockstar, style by which the creator feels weakness.

The truth is that many of the items are very good looking, and although for many it is more of the same, I have no doubt a moment of the merchantability and the good reception that surely has the collection. Not to mention that, surely, again will be the great source of inspiration for many low-cost retailers, which does not hesitate to shoot many of these creations.

And it is that, like it or not, Slimane has passed to part of those designers with celebrity status, whose followers are rather fans in every rule. That, despite the rifi – rifely that you have had with the press with this first collection, as questioned by some few, as praised by others many. I have no doubt that we will have Slimane for Saint Laurent for a good season.

As I said in the previous article devoted to the Rentrée de Slimane to design Saint Laurent hand world, After five years away from these conflicts, I have to admit that although the collection if I liked – I recognise that it fits quite my style – yes I will say that it has been me fairly repetitive, I would say that it has been a revival of the best of itself.

We are that we have not seen anything that you have not seen in its time of Dior Homme, and yes I have missed a bit more of surprise factor. But to be the first, it is not bad. The question is, is the next in line?, you see news instead of reinterpetaciones of your own style? all this to see…

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The spring-summer 2013 full collection

I leave you with my particular selection items that I’ve liked most, to think of this catalogue are the most noteworthy musts in this collection spring-summer 2013, Although corresponding galleries you can see lookbook and apparel line in full.

The Black military air shelter, with Leopard-print shirt, pullover with front zippers, the loafers with tassels with details in gold, the slim-fit striped blazer, hard-hitting Bangle in gold, basic jeans in blue denim, unwashed and the ‘perfect’ satin leather vest. And you what you think of the collection?, what is your selection?

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