Samsung Behind App for Cancer Research-Work While You Sleep

When at the end of the day, and the phone still just lies and lets up, it can actually contribute to cancer research.

Most among us have had family or close friends who have had to watch himself overcome cancer. In addition to the various collections for research, there is no doubt many who want to contribute even more.

Get an Android app

Sometimes small measures, however, have a huge impact. This is particularly the case with Power Sleep app from Google Play Large, which can contribute to cancer research. It writes Quartz.

Nokia’s map to save lives in the future

Power Sleep app is developed by Samsung, in cooperation with the University of Vienna. The app uses your phone, to process data from the Similarity Matrix of proteins (SIMAP), there is a database, which calculates similarities between different protein sequences. This research is essential for areas within: genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and cancer research.

Why mobile?

There exist already network of computers around the world that can analyze this information, but if you can add phones to this mix, it will be able to create even faster protein analyses.

The app also works as an alarm clock app, which you can view in seperating the advertisement above.When you set the alarm, the app that you’re done with your phone, and to data processing may begin.

However, you must not worry about the increased Bill on data usage. The app’s work is initiated only when your phone is connected to the power supply, fully charged and on Wifi.

There is therefore no excuse, not to contribute to the global cancer research when you still just lying and sleeping. The app is only available for Android and can be downloaded here.