Samsung-Best Touch Screen Technology, Continues It And Clear Sign To Apple

As if Samsung would have garnered so not the best possible technology is with AMOLED technology, the development continues steadily. With Super AMOLED, one was now set on it in the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave. Rather than to enjoy the success and to put the feet up, the South Korean company on an indestructible display works of course with the prefix AMOLED. 2012, experts anticipate a competitive start. The new display also reported here on Our site.

Flexible and persistent in the

The new AMOLED displays should be extremely flexible, ultra thin and virtually indestructible. Because you can lose quiet times on the road his mobile phone or Smartphone, the display would survive the crossing. Thus escapes to remain a possible error on the line Samsung, just because you are currently equipped can appreciate. A significant proportion of the usability of a cell phone, but with keyboard, not with touch screen was also Nokia times. So far quite critical to eye is the step in the right direction.

That should change at least with Symbian 3 and the Nokia N8. But more than closing the gap with competitors will be hardly possible. With the continuous development of the AMOLED display, Samsung can win only: Finally, an indestructible display would be revolutionary. But not only with displays, Samsung scores at the time…

Dissatisfied with the iPhone 4!

No problem, Samsung gave away a brand new Samsung i9000 Galaxy s in the UK on twitternde dissatisfied iPhone 4owners The new Samsung phone is the Apple iPhone to the place in the Sun in the way, so to speak. Precisely because of reception problems and the reaction Apple’s, the late, Samsung makes a deep point in the point popularity with this action. The only expenses, which came to the iPhone owner, was send to the contact information at Samsung. Then, the South Korean manufacturer shipped the Smartphone as a replacement. The Galaxy S as a replacement for the iPhone 4? That will be to see the less fair play Apple’s probably as clear reply. Steve Jobs took models of competition to the iPhone reception problems in the cross-fire, including the Samsung i8000 Omnia 2. Details of the official position of jobs on iPhone 4 is here in the blog.

Hassle-free replacement

An advantage offers up the Samsung Galaxy S anyway: there is no trace or by the loss of the bar when attempting to call reception problems. The Smartphone must not adorn themselves also as the competitor of Apple with a sleeve to be trouble-free. No, it’s just not a problem. This does not mean that the Smartphone offers only the best of the best. Hardware technology the Galaxy istouch screen, looking still for worthy competitor S probably almost untouchable, especially by the Super AMOLED-. At least the iPhone can’t match 4 with the particular new retina display. The Interior is so top notch, the exterior is unfortunately plastic and not one of the high quality category.

The class of this Smartphone radiates from the inside and is trying out, as here in the blog was also reported in a short test. Samsung Galaxy S can be seen as the clear winner of the summer Deshlab.

Preterite verät the end

As previously mentioned in this blog entry, there was the action of the “spare”smartphones until recently.Meanwhile, the South Korean manufacturer shipped more but no gifts. That’s quite understanding, S would, given that now iPhone 4owners simply Tweet to a Galaxy also to call their own. Comfort Our site: the Samsung Smartphone is without having to contract for a fraction of the iPhone 4. With the matching rate of effort even to zero can move, shown here on the product page.