Samsung Could Open Bada to Other Manufacturers and Developers The Year That Comes

More news about operating systems that are left wanting. Taking into account that the rumors are more or less credible depending on where they come, in this case of Wall Street Journal, which tend not to stun the market with information if they do not have a good source back, we are going to share with you.

Entering matter, inform us that Samsung wants to make an OS Bada open face to other manufacturers, In addition to providing some utility beyond Smartphones, device for which it was created. They would also seek the help of developers external to the company do grow the platform.

The movement seeks to other manufacturers support an operating system which can consider young, and so far has managed a similar to Windows Phone 7, with much less support market share. It advises that 2012 will be the year in which Samsung change the philosophy of the system.

The niche market that moves the system is the mid-range, and some Smartphones than another phone that can be considered high end, and would be an alternative to the all-powerful Android.

Bada grow in ecosystem and market share It is important for the independence of Samsung on Google, Although no one is officially pronounced, it is a movement that all manufacturers are looking for, after the purchase of Motorola by the search engine company.

The second utility that Samsung could give bada is the place it as their TVs connected to the network operating system, Smart TVs. The Koreans work internally in hardware ARM to connect to TV, and would like them to share platform with their phones.