Samsung Galaxy Note II-It Is GREAT (Mobile Test)

TEST: Is there anything to use the market’s largest mobile screen on 5.5 inch to? In this review we are close on the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Galaxy Note is one of the most difficult units to review because it sits between two chairs, called smartphone and tablet.

In technical term is called a “Phablet” (composed of the words ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’), which is the term used for devices with screen sizes from five inches, but less than seven.

It difficult by notification lies in the fact that those who buy a Note II, know what they are buying (hopefully), and have a specific need, as it is precisely this type of unit can meet.

The need and applications I can see but I have difficult to discern where the vast commercial market is located. So, can there be sold enough units, so a production can answer it? However, it is a fact that Samsung have had success with the first Galaxy Note, and good demand at the Note II.


Great and nice screen

Screen in Note II is 5.5 inch with 267 PPI, 16 million colors and a 720 x 1280 pixels resolution. It’s just a nice and delicious screen, which beats most other things of course.

I have shown them the unit, have mostly expressed enthusiasm for this Super AMOLED screen, simultaneously with that udbrydes “Wow where is the just great”. Only a few believe size is a positive element.

YouTube-videos, movie clips and, of course, services like Netflix, which is tailor-made for such a screen, especially when the light sensor will be disabled, and strength are screwed to the maximum, is utterly amazing.

But you should not expect more space for icons on home screens, although the size has grown. It is still the same layout as found on the Galaxy S III.

Excessive size

Samsung Galaxy Note II eat all other smartphones for breakfast. In fact, URf.eks. an iPhone 5 lie within the screen frames.

The objectives are 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm while the weight including the battery is located on 183 grams. And so it is a great size for a mobile device, we have in hand many times a day.

Both the front and the back, is quite smooth, so in spite of the size, and that there is enough to take hold of, I still have several times lost Note II. Simply because it is so mirror-smooth.

Size, of course, has a purpose, which also makes that some buyers will accept its ferocious outer.


A pen with many features

At the bottom right corner, hiding a stylus, called S-Pen. This opens a world of possibilities to the user.

When S-Pen is taken out while an interview conducted, opens a note page, where one with handwriting, as on an analog block, can write notes from the conversation. The pen type thickness can be changed, just like there are several pentyper and colors to choose from.

It is tremendously annoying that line your pen creates, not included with synchronously when writing. The delay prevents a in perceiving type option is natural. So it is not an old-fashioned 1:1 block-on-paper experience, one with the Note II.

Another challenge is the lack of resistance. The stylus glides effortlessly across the screen, but is missing the little resistance, as a piece of paper.

The professionals are surprised

I possess no comic talent, but a few creative people I know, have tried to work a little with Galaxy Note II, and they are surprised and impressed at the same time.

Some of the pen types, URf.eks. pencil, reacts in small degree on how hard you press with S-Pen, which is important in a comic situation.

The professional draw got quickly created a small sketch, and Note II got nice words with on the road. He thought that the device could be used for a quick sketch of a customer, which subsequently could be mailed.

But in a direct professional context where Note II is the only method is paper and analogue gnomes still better, thought my test subjects.


Colorize images

Program S-Note, used in writing and comic situations, can play along with the camera. You can take pictures of the designs, transform them to sketch, and subsequent work on digital, URf.eks. by stroking and coloring. This is pretty cool, if not the great Disney cartoonist, is stored in the stomach.

There are also a number of sketches and cliparts which can be taken as a point of departure, or used as illustration for one’s own work.

Templates for creating notes, birthday invitations, etc. is also a part of the S-Note.

Write your thoughts and notes

After a little practice with the digital pen, it may well be possible to use the ink for ordinary notes, quite as if it were a regular piece of paper.

I have URf.eks. noted a bageopskrift during a conversation, which was very handy. It is sometimes easier to take notes with the same Crow eats away, rather than having to hit the screen keyboard correctly.

A quick shopping list, which you can subsequently make it clear out, or add more, is also an obvious situation where Note’en comes into its own.

I actually think well, that Note II could be used as a Notepad that can vitiate a small pocket block. But it requires patience and practice.

Handwriting recognition

Note II has a mode for handwriting recognition, also my ugly handwriting. Recognition takes place while writing, and works surprisingly well.

Are you old enough to remember the days when the world was PDA-colorless, will you come in retro mode when you find that “line toward the right” still gives space, while “line to left erases.

Ink entry mode can also be used in emails and text messages, so this may be the solution for those who do not appear on screen keyboards, but would rather write right.

Mode of recognition is one of the most impressive elements in Galaxy Note II. When you combine this feature with dictionary suggestions (on Danish) it begins just to give sense to the user, including something that you want to use.

Formulas and calculations

In the academic context, can Note II also give good sense, particularly in maths lessons. With handwriting can be written calculations and formulas that can subsequently be counted out if there is a network connection.

The super delicious in this context is that if the same number is not correctly recognized, may be in the written, just like on paper, and then the formula will update itself automatically. It works completely blistered.

A genkendelsesdel of geometric shapes can be activated, so the same crooked squared is recognized, and transformed into a nice straight shape.

S-Pen can also be used to make clips and screenshots in various places in the user interface, URf.eks. on the Web, and subsequent parts it, email or put it into the memo program.


Stable interface

Samsung Galaxy Note II runs Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, which is both a delicious and smooth experience.The irritants found in the previous Android versions, with stutters and pauses, is eliminated. And it makes quite a lot of good for the user experience.

I’m experiencing a product which is clear on it I ask it about, without “reflection”. If the browser is fast and stable, even on large websites.

In addition, there is a pile of new features that make everyday life easier. URF.eks. Smart Stay that keeps the screen switched on while looking at the device. Or Smart Rotation that fails to rotate the screen, if you URf.eks. settles down, while there is seen on the screen.

The following feature, we have previously produced, showing 16 features from Galaxy Note II.

Violently battery – long operating time

The battery in the Note II is at 3,100 mAh, which is a big battery. The working day ends often still with 40 percent power back, with smaller pen portion is used much.

For as soon as the light sensor will be disabled, and intensifies for the light, to go the full pleasure of the big screen, get the power legs to walk on.

But all in all, we are talking about a smartphone that is virtually impossible to kill clean strømmæssigt.


Fair pictures

The images from the camera at 8 megapixels is reasonable, but it is not the best I’ve seen from a mobile.On the other hand, is it really good to focus properly, which can result in great creative photos.

There are also piles of photo features, including the ability to download the program for free Photo Editor that can make the photos a little more exciting.

S-Pen can be used to write notes on the back of the picture, with handwriting, which in the old days. But the back can be only read by other Note II-units, which then makes the memo function for a gimmick.

As something new in Samsung’s models, added information on weather images, also when they are taken. It looks fat out, but serves no reasonable purpose.

Who should buy?

Buy Galaxy Note II you must know what you are buying. There should be a requirement before you throw the crowns after the. It may sound exciting, everything with the pen. But is there not a need, so ends the Note II just with, to be an overly large device that leaked around with.

Persons with a need to draw sketches, or write with digital ink notes, must be in the target group of the device. But perhaps it can also steal spots, where it is annoying to have a smartphone and a tablet with. In this context, a phablet might be a reasonable compromise.

One thing is certain. You must see the Galaxy Note II physical before you buy. It is a smartphone/mini tablet that has to be experienced.


Conclusion: should, shouldn’t?

Galaxy Note II follows the design line from the Galaxy S III and S III Mini, just bigger. The materials are still plastic, and therefore not in this context, any premium experience.
I have to give this product two types of characters. One General and one for the target group.

In General, in relation to competing smartphones, and Samsung’s own, we hit five out of six stars. But in the phablet category, and for those who have specific needs, Samsung has hit this spot.

Galaxy Note II is within its category, the currently best product. Therefore, we end up at the grade six out of six stars. But keep in mind, there is not as much competition in this area, yet.



+ Nice screen
+ Long battery life
+ Many cool features and good notatdel


-Huge, too big