Samsung Galaxy Touch 10.1 16 GB LTE (2014 Edition) in the Test

Smaller, thinner, lighter

When compared to its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy has slimmed down touch 10.1 2014 Edition about 50 grams that is not the world, but who lasts longer with one hand the Tablet, definitely feel the weight advantage. Also the housing has shrunk: the 2014-er Bill is only slightly larger than an iPad air and much smaller than many 10-inch tablets. The back has a leather-like coating that looks stylish and feels good at the moment. Class: The housing the battery has become smaller, but they are larger. With 8,220 instead so far 7,000 MAH, he gives the note 10.1 much endurance, in 14 hours of running time. A decent value, the record of the iPad air the Galaxy but does not break note. The charging time of about seven hours is annoying because Samsung has the charger just too small sized.

Test: Apple iPad Air

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Superscharfer screen

The note has more pixels than most tablets and notebooks: 2560 x 1600 pixels push for the 10-inch touch screen four times as many cheap Tablet PC and even when compared to Apple’s retina display nor a third more. No wonder that even very small fonts still razor sharp and extremely detail get photos on the screen. The display could be bold colors but something more diverse it shows a tad bit too pale.

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With the Galaxy, note 10.1. Samsung launches an attack on Apple’s iPad. COMPUTER image has tested the upper class Android tablet. Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1: top-tablet in the test

Perfect for working

Touch 10.1 is a very fast processor In the Galaxy: of Snapdragon Qualcomm 800 has four computing cores running at 2.27 GHz. This makes together with rich 2.4 GB memory for fast pace of the touch 10.1 is almost twice as fast as the Medion P9514 E10316 and hardly any slower than the iPad air. The included stylus is handy. For example, handwritten notes can be easily done with him. The aufgehübschte Android operating system is typical of Samsung. This not only chic looks, but has useful additional functions, such as the multi Windows bar, which can show up on the left edge of the screen. That accelerates the launch of the apps and switch between multiple applications.

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Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy touch 10.1 2014 Edition

With the Galaxy touch 10.1 16 GB LTE brings a top tablet on the market, with lush software package, Super screen, Turbo speed Samsung and on top of that the practical pen operation. However it is not enough to trump the iPad air. Moreover, Samsung requires money for the Bill neatly. Best price on the Internet: 749,90 euro * per order this product at Amazon high screen resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels) long battery life faster processor LTE contra no playback on the TV via HDMI Lange charging duration test note of 2.14 editorial good users rating (out of 1 reviews)

Alternative: APLE iPad air

The iPad air is thin, light and damn fast. The device has earned truly his name, because it is actually lightweight when compared to its predecessor. Also in terms of design, Apple has upped yet a fun with narrow fringe and thinner housings. The new processor and the camera impressed in testing all along the line.