Samsung Omnia 735 – New Touchscreen Smartphone With The “Old” Windows Mobil

Smartphone appears briefly before the start of the new operating system of Windows called Windows phone 7 Samsung still a touch screen BlackBerry design with the leaks. In addition to the input of the touch screen, the keyboard is hard to overlook. This full QWERTY keyboard and the design would suggest at first glance a BlackBerry phone. Many other features are similar to the hardware package from RIM, the Blackberryhersteller more. Nevertheless, the newcomer presented in his robe from Samsung Omnia 735called. The other specifications can be any doubts concerning Businss character.

Take advantage of business travel

The newbie can be considered usual, documents with the already installed programs such as onsmartphones. It is the entire Office Mobile 2010 package on board. This allows viewing of Excel and Word documents. Thus, a journey can get a different value to the next customer or business trip and used as meaningful preparation time. Precisely the desired presentation for interested parties can be worked again with PowerPoint.

Touch screen and keyboard

The Samsung Omnia 735 is equipped with a TFT touch screen with a size of 2.6 inches, which resolves with 320 x 320 pixels. Including the keyboard still a 5-way navigator and the usual buttons for accepting and completing calls is located between the. The full QWERTY keyboard offers fast and convenient typing emails and short text messages in four rows. Of course, you can control the Smartphone exclusively via the touch screen. As this is a what is with 2.6 inch display diagonal of 6,7 cm according to has presented, the keyboard appears to be relatively small but quite significantly as a control option. Especially in the respect that the display due to a keyboard may be less great. Here on a detailed article to the novice can be found also.

The Samsung Omnia 735 camera offers a resolution of 3.2 megapixels. That is well below the existing standard of current smartphones, where already a 5 mega pixel camera has become one of the lowest standard. As for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S presents the Windows phone without built-in Flash. With auto focus, Geotagging and smile shot function, the camera is well equipped. The homemade snapshots can be uploaded then simply in the World Wide Web. As for the resolution of the camera has the Samsung Omnia 735 a video resolution of 240 × 320 pixels and can not match to the current Smartphone champions. It also is the newcomer, who already have will be at the end of this month at,  Our site- buy cell phones online, not designed. It presents itself already with regard to the operating system not on the latest status. In a few weeks, comes the new Windows phone 7 and will bring the latest version of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 probably end. To justify a less contemporary furnishings in the mentioned points, the new smartphone without contract will be to have less than €300.

Internal memory and comprehensive Internet package

Not just outstanding with 200 MB internal memory in the Samsung-Neuling. Via microSD card this can be up to 32 GB. This is rather a pleasant way of working, especially with regard to the processing and storage capabilities with the Mobile Office package. This joins the MP3 player that some favorite title of the users would enjoy and even da 200 MB are quickly exhausted. Here on Our site all features are listed in tabular form. With the 3.5 mm standard stereo jack, you can continue to use his beloved headphones of its predecessor or however purchase new. With the default port, it’s easy to find the right headphone to the Smartphone. A comprehensive package is available for mobile surfing with WLAN, UMTS and HSDPA for the Highspeedsurfen.

With the preinstalled applications, one has access to social networks directly and may contact by Facebook and the many others about their status. With the GPS module, each so misleading way via navigation is a breeze. In the standby mode for 20 days without more power does the Samsung Omnia 735. The equipment package is appropriate for the price less than €300. Who can hardly wait the launch of Smartphone novice can get free of charge via email about the release here on Our site .