Samsung Ridiculed Android

The original team behind Android ran into an unpleasant experience in South Korea before Google struck to.

It started out as an operating system for the cameras, but the man behind Android switched tracks, so the system should run phones instead. However, the money it required to continue the development of Android, and here turned Andy Rubin himself first against Samsung and not Google, which ended up buying Rubin’s system.

With his seven fellow in the Android team flew Rubin in 2005 to South Korea, where they met with senior staff of Samsung, in order to sell the idea behind the now popular operating system, but the Koreans were not opposed to the idea, as Rubin had hoped. 

After Rubin’s presentation, he was not greeted by curious questions or encouraging words, but on the other hand, complete silence.

“‘ You and what army must create it here? You have six man. Are you high? ‘ is basically what you said.They laughed at us all the way out of the room. It came two weeks before we sold to Google, “ telling Rubin.

After all, it ended happily for Andy Rubin and his team. The price of Android was 50 million dollars, and the platform is now one of the most used in the world’s smartphones.