Samsung Stops Rollout of Lollipop

Samsung are struggling with problems with the stability of the new Lollipop-update. Therefore, stop the roll-out in Denmark now.

The new update to the Lollipop is filled with errors that are causing discomfort to users. Therefore, Samsung has felt obliged to stop the rollout of the new Android version. It illuminates the Samsung Denmark on their Facebook page.

It is problems with, among other things, WiFi connection, battery life and unstable apps that stops responding, as Samsung has had to hear Mr brok about from customers since the update to version 5.0 came out for Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 here at home.

In connection with the withdrawal of the failed update introduces Samsung also a mute function that works in the same way as in previous versions of Android. This has also been a complaint from many of Samsung’s customers, after Google changed the silent mode to a mode with either all, limited or no alerts.

The new Lollipop-update is already out

There is no time frame for when the new update to the Danish lands Samsung owners. In the United Kingdom and Germany are update with bug fixes and the new silent mode during deployment. Since we are talking about the same European model which here in Denmark, should not therefore go a long time before rollout can be resumed here.

The much sought-after silent feature joining in the form of an extra button in the window with the quick settings. See the addition of the two screenshots from United Kingdom below.