Samsung Wins an Assault to Apple in Holland

One of the fronts that Samsung and Apple have open is in the Netherlands, He refers to something less than that they maintain in Germany, but equally important to the interests of the companies involved.

The last episode that we can tell you is on the possibility of selling Galaxy Tabs 10 inch in the Dutch country, according to the resolution of a court in the Hague. By which are not taken into account the arguments of Apple (is too similar to your iPad) to block the sales of a product.

There were also movements in 2011 in opposite direction, was Samsung that led Apple to court for improper use of four patents related to wireless connectivity. The Justice refused the demand for Samsung’s ban the sale of the iPhone and iPad, but forced both to negotiate a solution, since partly gave reason to the Korean company.

What was said, There are sufficient differences between the two products to be able to coexist in the Dutch market, issue that has been resolved in another way, since Samsung had to slightly different versions of their tablets, to finally throw in Germany can be sold without problems.

To not end this war of patents, a few days ago we had like Apple returned to lead Samsung to German courts, this time by the design of 10 Android phones.