See What Makeup Items Every Woman should Carry in the Bag

Some products are very important for those who leave home with makeup every day as they help keep production intact

Women who wear makeup daily know that some items are indispensable to make small adjustments over the hours, after all, working, going around, having lunch, making small snacks and other activities can end up “breaking up” a little the production, even if the makeup used Be of long duration .

And considering that it is very laborious and impractical to carry all your makeup device wherever you go on a daily basis, it is reaffirmed the need to have in the bag only some items that are vital to the quality of the makeup all day.This way you avoid getting your makeup smudged or drained without having to carry a lot of products with you.

For beauty blogger Marina Smith , having a lipstick in her purse is enough for day-to-day life, and when she goes to the party she carries a facial powder.

Blogger Cinthya Rachel says: “On a daily basis I always take the concealer and random lipsticks because I forget to take it out of the bag.But if you look good [in the bag] you should have an eyelash mask too, although it is difficult to touch up during the day, because I do not go off base – which is the one that most needs touching up. ”

Thus, it is realized that the choice of what to take is a very personal matter and that depends a lot on the type of makeup that usually does.If you have any questions about what to have in your bag, check out the tips below.

After all, what makeup should I keep in my bag?

The following list brings only what is really essential to make up the day-to-day makeup:

1 – Moisturizing lips:During the day, as we speak, we eat and expose ourselves to the action of the sun and the humidity (or lack thereof) of the air, the mouth can become drying and have a tendency to crack.To avoid this, it is important to always carry a good lip balm in your bag.

2 – Lipstick:Just as the lips need to be retouched with moisturizer, your lipstick will also end up coming out during the day’s activities and needing to be retouched.It is important to carry the lipstick of the same color you are wearing on the day.If you do not vary the tones much, you can choose a neutral color, like a rosé to always leave in the bag.

3 – Corrective:Another indispensable item is the corrective, it will be your salvation in case of disaster and your makeup erases during the day.It may be that the eyelid has slipped, for example, and that you have to remove the smudge and reapply the concealer or base in this area.A stick corrective is a practical option to always have with you.

4 – Translucent compact powder: In the course of hours, the skin of the face can transfer oiliness, which leaves your face with that shiny appearance.To avoid this, having a translucent powder in the bag is essential.When you notice spots of oiliness, apply it with the help of the brush that is already in the package, so you do not have to carry a separate brush yourself.

Other products that help keep production going all day

Many women also like to carry a mask of eyelashes in the bag to give more power to the eyes by touching the layers during the day.However, care should be taken not to exaggerate the dose and to have eyelashes glued or filled with balls.If you apply 3 layers before leaving home, waiting 1 or 2 minutes between them, you probably will not need retouching during the day.

Another beauty product that can be your ally is the makeup fixative spray with anti-oil action.This product will work as the translucent compact powder, as it penetrates the skin leaving a matte effect and prolonging the duration of the makeup.

Those who use day-to-day shadows know that they can drain, transfer and accumulate on the eyelid after a few hours.If you use them on a daily basis, it is important to always carry the shade for touch-ups.One tip is to have a palette of neutral shadows to vary on the days of the week and to always have in the bag.

In addition, it is worth taking with you also a miniature of the perfume that you usually use.So when you feel the smell is gone from your skin you can reapply the scent and feel scented again.

See below some examples of products of each item quoted above and check their prices and where to find them on the internet, remembering that it is possible to find them in various brands and prices varied.

It’s not makeup, but good to carry in the bag!

Here are some other products that do not fit into the make-up category, but beauty and hygiene in general and that are wild for any woman:

  • Hand moisturizing cream;
  • Cuticle moisturizer;
  • Nail file;
  • Enamel remover wipes;
  • Absorbent;
  • Kleenex.

How to keep makeup organized in the bag?

Beauty products are usually fragile, so they can not get loose inside the bag, with the risk of opening and breaking, and make a great deal of dirt.The tip for those who wears make-up in the bag is to buy a purse or purse organizer and keep the makeup in these bags.

So they get protected, easy to find and you still end up gaining space in the bag by taking it strategically.Check out the gallery below for some options of organizers and nécessaires:

A woman who is prepared does not have to be in a hurry in the hour of need, so it is worth having a complete bag with your indispensable items not only for beauty, but also documents and safety products for your health.

Take care just not to overdo it and the bag gets too heavy.One tip to avoid this is to invest in smaller products such as miniatures and travel kits that are usually not heavy or large and have sturdy packages that hold up in the bag.