Self Adhesive Wall Clock

Stick clocks and photos

Certainly you have in your living family photos hanging from trips, holidays and other extraordinary moments that you have experienced together. Do you have a self-adhesive wall clock? To keep their shared experiences on the eyes more and not just hide them in photo albums, but on the walls would look more photos and inelegantly “of clutter”? So here is a tip for you that you will appreciate.

To implement choosing tip you’ll need mentioned adhesive wall clock. Who already has its own advantage and use com like you can buy them here after reading type, click the wall clock. Next, you need frames and ultimately your great pictures.

How to do it?

Take wall clocks and clockwork stick on the wall to the point where you have enough space. To do this, you do not have to stick a sticker with numbers well, you get the razor. In this tip depends in part on you, if you like the complete glued to the clock or just working with the hands. Read choosing guides here for online wall clocks.

The next phase will be to prepare your photos. Dial the photos carefully and preferably one where you can distinguish daytime from morning until evening. This is our recommendation, you can of course choose photos that you like, such as every hour photo from another place of visit. Photos also ready to frame and mount (usually hang up) to the wall so that each picture represented the hour. Whenever you look at how many hours will see you and your loved ones.