Senstone: Smart Voice Recorder Turns Your Ideas Into Text

Senstone is a smart voice recorder that turns everything you speak into text automatically, and stores messages in the form of notes in the cloud.The gadget works offline for up to two and a half hours and is ideal for anyone who does not want to forget any ideas when they can not access the phone or a notebook.

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Activated with a flick or when snapping your fingers, the design available on the Kickstarter is a wearable, which can be stuck on the shirt, backpack, watch strap or you can also use as a collar.Usability facilitates “mental” notes while walking on the street or driving.There’s even integration with Evernote and availability to share information via email or other apps.

Although the manufacturer delivers in Brazil, Senstone does not have support for the Portuguese language.However, electronic smart recognizes another 11 languages ​​to transcribe the audio, including English, French, Spanish and Mandarin.The battery promises to last up to four days and the gadget’s LED lights indicate when it’s time to put the recorder in the USB charging cradle.

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When in offline mode, Senstone records and stores all voice messages for when you connect the device to your mobile phone, via Bluetooth, all spoken notes are turned into text.The logs are in a service in the cloud of the manufacturer itself with indication of date, time and location of the recording.

To further organize your ideas, wearable separates notes into categories with the hashtag voice command and more.In the app you can check if the passages were transcribed correctly, in addition to listening to the recorded audio and editing sentences and words.

Senstone has already hit the funding target on the Kickstarter and the project’s delivery forecast to supporters is in September 2017. The simplest version, with a clip and a cord to carry the gadget, is available for $ 120 $ 380).Freight to Brazil is US $ 15 (about R $ 47).

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Living with Senstone: The charm that turns your thoughts …

Living with Senstone: The charm that turns your thoughts ...