Simple House Decoration

When it comes to decor, many think of chic, expensive items, renovations, or something, but that’s a big mistake.It is possible to decorate in an elegant and very beautiful way with little or no expense, only with what we have in hand and good taste.If you are looking for simple home decorating tips, you are in the right place!Keep reading and check out easy tips that can make a difference in various rooms in the house.

Simple Home Decoration – Walls

A simple way to make a room with attractive walls is to make a set of colors or texture in one of them, painting with a more flamboyant color than the others, or applying a special texture.

Another economical way to decorate walls are the wall stickers, which are found in numerous designs and formats, suitable for every taste!It aims to fill a previously empty wall in a simple way, with easy application, and beautifully decorating.

In bathrooms and kitchens, a special coating with decorated ceramics or glass inserts is a good choice for those who want to invest a little more.Adhesives can also be used in these places, not only on walls, but also on appliances such as the refrigerator.

Wallpapers, wall charts, wall sculptures, photo murals, decorative mirrors, decorative panels, picture frames of different sizes, shelves with miniatures, niche and movie posters are just a few of the possibilities you have to decorate according to each Comfortable, what matters is having personality and good taste.

Simple House Decoration – Furniture

The first tip to decorate with furniture is to know if changing some of the place, your home no longer gains a different look.Take this test and see if breaking the routine already known by your eyes, everything does not change.

Chairs, tables, benches and other wooden furniture can be distinguished with one or two hands of an intense and vivid color paint to be highlighted in the environment!Such furniture can be decorative of constant use, but when they gain color they make the difference.An example is you paint that little table that is good for nothing and make it from coffee table in the room.

Mute-twos are also elegant furniture that makes a difference in space, whether next to the beds as common, or next to a sofa in the living room.Sideboards also cater for various uses, be it support of a computer in the rooms or a minibar in the room.

Simple house decoration – Decorative objects

We have already mentioned some previously, such as wall pictures, framed photos, etc.We also have mirrors which, in addition to decorative when well positioned, give a feeling of folded space!Functional decoration is worth it, is not it?

Flower pots look good in any environment!Bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchen allow this accessory very well, either on a table, counter or the corner of the room in a larger size.

Check out some objects for simple home decor: cushions with different patterns on sofas and beds;Suitcases and suitcases that serve as support or simple decoration;Glass vessels, metal or wood decorating randomly;Fruit trees;Collectible miniatures on shelves and niches;Colored glasses;Among other crafts.

We have already talked about the craftsmanship with decorative purposes for the house, which are simple to make, they require materials that we always have at home, just a touch of creativity.Check out Craft and Recycling tips and hints on how you can decorate your home and at the same time reuse materials considered junk.