Simvalley Mobile AW-420. RX: Mobile Independent Smartwatch for 300 Euro

The Simvalley mobile AW-420. RX is a Smartwatch with an own micro-SIM card slot, as well as a radio module. The AMOLED display of the watch measures 1.54 inches, i.e. about four centimeters, and has a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. 4.2.2 is the Android OS pre-installed.


A dual-core processor with 1.2 GHz and a gigabyte of RAM drives the Simvalley mobile AW-420. RX on. Also wear 16 gigabytes of storage on the wrist, on which you store apps, music and videos with the clock. With a three-megapixel camera, take photos and short films. The clock can be controlled using the touch-sensitive display, Cabinet knobs, as well as an enclosed pen. In the 45, 3 x 44, 3 x 14, 1-mm casing, there is also a GPS sensor. The clock brings 90 grams. A 600 mAh battery provides according to the Pearl for a standby time of up to 75 hours.

Practice test: Simvalley mobile AW-414. Go

Predecessor convinced the test

During the Simvalley mobile AW-420. RX still does not exist, COMPUTER tested Smartwatch another model of the same manufacturer’s image recently. The Simvalley mobile AW-414. Go is as well as the model AW-420. RX from a robust metal housing and a wireless module for telephone calls and is thus a full-fledged cell phone watch. Entering short texts worked surprisingly well in the test and the connection to the play store was seen as a plus. Not convinced, however, the quality of the three-megapixel camera. The greatest shortcoming of the AW-414 Simvalley mobile. Go is the missing seal against moisture. The AW-420 Simvalley mobile. RX is resolved this problem according to the manufacturer: the watch is water – and dust-proof, so Simvalley mobile. In addition, the AW-420 has. RX much more space and a larger amount of memory.

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fit for competition

The price is interesting to your Smart Watch: with a price of around 300 euros for the versions in black and aluminium is the cell phone watch quite competitive. Competitor Pebble Steel costs 249 US dollars (183 euros) for customers in the United States, the availability for the German market is not yet known. The clock by Simvalley is thus more 120 Euro expensive, but a standalone Smartphone watch that requires no connection to another device. Smartwatch fans should the Simvalley mobile AW-420. RX so keep an eye.