Siri against TellMe, The Scandal CarrierIQ, and IPhone 4S Getting a Level of Satisfaction of 96%, Campus Cupertino

Nothing better to start the week in the iOS world waking up at the right time with Wakemate, an original accessory that will help us achieve this. Also much-vaunted Siri, comparing it with the Windows Phone 7 TellMe and even getting it to start a car. There is more to see the Siri proxy, plugins to extend functionality of the new Apple Assistant. Came Ac1dSn0w, the jailbreak for iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1. For fans of the television series, you prepare a post commenting on the top 5, and knew the fantastic figures of iPad and iPhone 4S for sale.

Us not forgot the child with an interesting application of learning, and compared iTunes Match against the new Google Music. We also began to see the rumours of the launch of the Office for the iPad, and prepare a list of wishes about how you want to be the future iOS. Speaking of the future, we review the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter that receives music wirelessly from our devices.

Finally arrived the advances for librerar iPhone 4S by the iPhone Dev-Team, and we knew Belkin LiveAction, a series of original accessories for Apple’s phone. The controversy came with Carrier IQ also the iOS world, certainly the least affected of any operating system and that in addition Apple already has pledged to completely eliminate. Another good news is the level of satisfaction of 96% of the purchasers of an iPhone 4S, the best percentage of Apple in its history. And to finish the week, nothing better than a little game to the anticipated Infinity Blade II. Happy weekend!