Siri “Competitive Threat” to Google, Adobe Does Not Update Flash for Mobile and Sparrow Us Do Forget The #Gfail, Cupertino Campus

We began the week talking about two new applications for iOS, Red Karaoke for the popular musical system in our devices and Codify, a full and very curious for iPad touch programming environment. Meanwhile, Google described as “competitive threat” Siri, we still asombrábamos with some of your answers and Miguel we displayed a list of wishes for iOS 6. I also talked of Finger Focus, a curious tool blurs using multi-touch and the arrival of the new Apple EasyPay payment system screen.

Us not forgot the new iPhone 4S, which has obtained a good grade in Consumer Reports tests, and knew that Apple with just 4% of the mobile market, obtained 52 per cent of the total benefits. We saw Oceanhorn, a game for iOS who wants to pay homage to Zelda. Even if something has been times this week is the decision by Adobe not launch new versions of Flash to mobile, although it will still support the previous.

Good news, after the #Gfail of Google with the launch of Gmail native app last week, is the arrival of Sparrow to iOS in brief, and finally receive the update iOS 5.0.1 that Apple wanted to solve the problem of the battery, among other things. Finally, nothing better than a few small tips for using the Airport utility of iOS and how to update a device Time Capsule with her. See you next weekend, here, in the iOS world!