Siri Has Been Dismantled by a Few Hackers, Could Operate in Any System?

We have been talking for weeks of Siri, the new wizard’s voice that has been removed the sleeve exclusively Apple for its iPhone 4S, and whose mode of operation has proven to be really interesting for the competition and many imitators.

But may have Apple Siri operation safe machinery soon, since a group of hackers has cracked the operation of Siri, making use of the so-called “reverse engineering”, thus revealing the details of its operation.

The hackers managed to do this by creating a proxy server and redirecting data from iPhone 4S across it to Apple servers. Their findings were as follows:

  • Siri sends absolutely details of audio to Apple servers, confirmed that the voice recognition is not in the phone itself. The only process that is done on the phone is the audio compression using the Speex codec.
  • Another very important point of the discovery is that, to run Siri, iPhone 4S sent your unique identification number UDID to the servers. With this Apple personally controls that Siri works on every device without the possibility of that can be accessed with an invalid identification number. Apple could identify it quickly.

Even so, our question is: Will it last long? Talking about that, if they manage a picaresque enough technique to circumvent Apple, the original Siri system You can port easily to other systems operations such as Android, Windows, Mac, etc..

What do you think of discovery?