Siri on Danish Soon Ready

Siri understands Danish has had to look far for a long time, but now it seems she has looked in the dictionary

In the second beta version of iOS 8.3 Apple has included something that probably can get part Apple fans to clap your hands. Among the changes in this version is that Siri can understand Danish.

Our mother tongue has crept in among a number of new languages, as Siri can understand, and you have access to the iOS 8.3 Beta 2, so we can try to talk to Apple’s digital assistant.

Siri has been understood English, but it has taken quite a good while before Danish has come up with on the repertoire.

In addition to the many languages, Apple has also gotten stuffed a Wi-Fi connection to CarPlay, more opportunities for emoji and support for Google’s two-stage verification.

The rumors going on that Apple is planning a public beta version of iOS 8.3 again in March, and if it turns into something, so go there not long before all iPhone owners can take a talk with Siri.