Sisley and His Daring Bet with Colors to Dress This Season Autumn/Winter 2012

The proposals of Sisley, whatever the season, that is, It may not be that they sin of being obsolete, ancient and little innovative. It is not a firm that stands out not for his irreverent designs and their taunts in the fashion world. In the middle is virtue and that is the more precise definition that can be given to your new collection.

It is not common to dare with vanes chromatic so striking-based electric colors close to winter, neither nor mixtures of materials doing patchwork with leather, satin, velvet, or the point. But… who said that Sisley was a common signature?

We started with the bright colors. Electrical and satin finishes they are a success, from my point of view, if we are loving of the glitter and little discreet. Even so, combinable options with black blazer, drainpipe trousers and party shoes, are something to consider. And no, I am not referring to Halloween.

The options for the trench coats they are somewhat more common and not impact us both. The navy cross jackets and double breasted style, it contrasts with coats three-quarter camel color and buckle closure. Straight cut, adjusted to the body and without much motif. Grateful for the simplicity.

In terms of tailoring are very distinct options: costumes from two parts in grey tone where the shirt and tie are strong and contrasting points of the set, to pieces more vintage tartan or box of Wales dark that they will delight lovers of the british style.

Finally, options in contemplating the eights and the cardigans sweaters, either a point more fine and colorful for the jerseys to be combined with denim or Chinese. Lots of variety, amplitude in records and quality more than acceptable. Approves and with note.