Smartphones von Apple, Samsung And Nokia Charging Using a Battery Charger!

This should actually be implemented from 2011 and the EU Commission promises an end to the many chargers for cell phone and Smartphone and the associated mess in the closet. In search of my charging cable, I have my girlfriend in the hand, which finds its place but only in their Sony Ericsson phoneconstantly? However, not everyone in the enjoyment of the universal charging cable will come initially because for such independent on loading option of course a matching approach, or plugs, must be found.This will then perform its services via USB port.

Therefore not for everyone

Because not every mobile phone or Smartphone has a USB port. However, all newcomers in the mobile market are now ausgfestattet as standard with USB. With the unification of there will be correspondingly less such search Arias, where now the charging cable to the appropriate mobile was hiding. On Friday in Brussels, an EU Komissionssprecher spoke of a simple life of many consumers with the new cable. The consequences of such universal charging cable are however more far-reaching than it seems at first glance…

50,000 tonnes of e-waste

This is the waste of Chargers shipped with new mobile phones and Smartphones per year. This can be prevented by this new charger according to the EU Commission and thus this charger is gaining additional importance, because it protects the environment at the same time. Because after a new purchase of the current touchscreenSmartphones or mobile phones, the battery charger of the predecessor is mostly no longer to use, because it is not necessarily the newbie must be a model of the same manufacturer. Apple, Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericssonare in the compound for the new charger. These mobile manufacturers represent about 90 percent of the mobile market in Europe according to the EU. The Smartphones and phones of that manufacturers would make device independent rechargeable. For me personally a wonderful presentation of I me immediately could befriend, also due to the environmental protection. Here at is also about the announcement of the single charger.

The EU has jostled

In itself this is not performance of the mentioned manufacturers, but rather of the EU Commission.Because they have demonstrated umissverständlich unless their intention to create such a power supply.Otherwise, the Commission threatened with regulation. In the last year the mentionedmobilemanufacturers told their cooperation regarding a universal charging cable. Based on the signed contract with the EU 2009, that was hardly surprising in Barcelona. Already at the beginning of next year, there will be the charger what I’ll get directly. Finally a charger cable for several mobile phones and smart phones from different manufacturers and even eco-friendly: the perfect combination, which should stimulate the purchase, or at the next mobile purchase directly from the game is.

AMOLED’s are scarce

The required USB is already standard for new mobile phones, the AMOLED technology is being wooed at the time hot. Due to the high demand, it seems now to get first problems with Samsung of provide this.Therefore, HTC announced that the touch screen Smartphone HTC desire no longer comes in the enjoyment of such display technology. Instead of the AMOLED displays a super LCD is obstructed from now, should be comparable to good and it still stromsparender. Samsung loses so not because the Super LCD are the HTC partners as customers, in the interplay of just Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Our site -buy phones online cheap HTC desire, what already offers until the end of September, as reported here, 2.2 should be equipped with the new update Google Android.