So Many iPhones Were Sold in the Third Quarter

Apple has not published their figures for the number of sold iPhones, but several analysts estimates are gathered here.

Fortune has collected from several analysts estimates for the number of sold iPhones in the third quarter. And these figures leads to a forecast where the average is 26.4 million sold iPhones. The figures are based on estimates from 32.3 to 21 million units, and the factual figures keeps Apple close to the body.

This year came the iPhone 5 in the market at the end of the month of September, which has provided a good ending to the third quarter, although the limited number of copies has kept sales down.

The first weekend the iPhone 5 were on the market were sold more than 5 million copies of the new iPhone.

Demand for iPhone is still bigger than Apple has units for which Apple’s online store also Cup marked with a wait of three to four weeks.

Apple must submit their earnings in the third quarter around the 25. October, therefore, it is expected there is more certainty to the time around the sale of iPhones.