Sony Expands Its Range of Bluetooth Audio

Sony has published four new wireless lydmakkere to your musical cravings.

As we move towards brighter times in everyday life, Sony will spice up your forthcoming spring mood up with wireless tones. Four new headphones in lightweight design and Bluetooth-kindness is born-and each øreomfavnende signal unit has its own audience in focus. Sony writes thus about the different:

• The MDR-1ABT: wireless audio in high quality-available from may
• The MDR-ZX770BN: Digital noise reduction and Bluetooth freedom-available from may
• The MDR-ZX330BT: Balanced comfort for everyday life with Bluetooth available from may
• The MDR-AS600BT: water resistant with Bluetooth to an active life-available from April

In all the cordless headphones Sony has implemented NFC-compatibility, and you can play music from the capable Walkman, MP3 player or smartphone at a single touch. Sony promises powerful and controlled bass, complemented by crystal clear tones.

MDR-1ABT-the luxurious

MDR-1ABT are the most luxurious cousin, and is heir to the popular MDR-1A headphones.

These steaks uses a new audio technology from Sony, called LDAC that will guarantee a high-quality sound via Bluetooth. Through this technology can be sent three times as much data as a standard Bluetooth connection.

Under the aesthetic surface, hides 40 mm HD-driver units that make sure the filling audio experience. This component will help your music from the heavy bass tones to the high frequency diskantlyd.

With large ergonomic ear cushions and a more advanced, enclosing structure, unwelcome sound be kept out and bring high comfort.

Navigation can be controlled via the touch sensor on the side of the headphones. Here you can change the number, receive calls or adjust the level of sound through the intuitive finger movements.

MDR-ZX770BN-silence creator

This model’s strength lies in its noise reduction. Sony has taken advantage of an around-the-ear design to maintain comfort and ensure musikro through digital noise reduction, thanks to a DNC software from Sony.

As its cousin above, these luxurious product earbuds also connected with lydgivende devices via Bluetooth or NFC-compliant devices.

With its folding form factor is is the headphones easy to carry, as well as less fragile in bags when travelling.

With the purchase of these promises Sony you 13 hours of continuous music playback with noise reduction turned on – so more can be squeezed out with the feature turned off.


MDR-ZX330BT-small and awake

With a more subdued and retro’ere design, promises the less luxurious model MDR-ZX330BT you up to 30 hours of battery life.

With its significantly lower price tag you get also a few smaller driver units that measure 30 mm – which still refers to itself as a powerful and balanced, but probably not with the same impact as the 2000.0-dollars more expensive range-topping.

Smaller components means lower weight for these over-ear earphones, and will be for those who do not want an antler of music listening accessories.

Connection options are the same through touch NFC-technology.

MDF-AS600BT-the active

Here comes the active Walker into the picture. Unlike the above steak-design, Sony has an eye for the lightweight and comfort through its minimalist in-ear design.

The wireless Bluetooth headphones have small modhagere around the earpiece, in order to ensure you a few restraining øremusikere – all exercisers know of the annoying moment where the ears as the host throws the small earphones out as unwelcome guests.

With its waterproof design so you must not be afraid of heaven opening during the run, or drops from the steamy skin during strength training. Will you bring the phone during exercise, you can respond to emergency calls, thanks to the built-in microphone.