Spa is a physical space designed for health and wellness treatments.Spurred in antiquity, Spas today can be large and luxurious and are highly sought after not only for the well being and health they provide but also for physical and mental relaxation.

What is Spa

The term SPA was originally an acronym for the Roman expression sanus per aqua, which can be translated as health by water.The term gives birth to the name of the Belgian city, Spa, which is internationally known for being a spa resort that has been sought after at least since the 14th century because its waters are considered to have medicinal properties.

Nowadays, the word spa is associated with commercial or tourist establishments that offer services for the health, well-being and esthetics of its clients.The International Association that coordinates and organizes the activity of the Spas (International SPA Association) defines several types of spas, identifying traditional spas, such as hot springs, urban spas, medical spas, hotel spas and many others.

However, technically, a spa can be a public space like it used to in antiquity or a private space limited to a bath where there is some treatment that involves the use of thermal waters.

Definition of SPA

It is very common in urban centers to find spas that work in relatively small environments, focused on offering massages and aesthetic treatments to their clients, with packages that last less than a day, which are often called Day Spa.

Around the world there are the most diverse types of spa, some more traditional and others more inventive and original.In Brazil, spas that offer treatment for people who are overweight are very common, offering diets and exercises that aim at food re-education and weight loss.