Special Collections of Boots and Shoes from Wolverine

In 1974, writer Len Wein and artist John Romita inspired by the aggression of the wolverine, a mamifero small and very fierce, like a bear with a tail, inhabitant of the cold areas of Siberia, Canada, Alaska and Scandinavia, named a certain comic book character, shortly after her temper warmed, and his adamantium claws have become one of the most adored of the universe Marvel. But long before that, in 1883, a company of Rockford, Michigan, began production of footwear for the workers, and also adopted the name Wolverine by participating , in the following years, the construction of buildings and roads, making a little bit of the history of America and protecting the feet of workers with the products comfortable and durable.

Special Collections of Boots and Shoes From Wolverine

With the passage of time the Wolverine has ceased to create boots and shoes just for both workers and led its quality and technology, for the feet, more fashionistas, given the strong tendency of corturnos and workboots that has emerged in recent years, as in this collection, the 1,000 Mile (photo featured and above) that is based on the original creations of the brand and also serves as a tribute to G. A. Krause, the founder.

The Wolverine also launched the Gentleman’s Collection (above) for the new gentlemen of the time – workers. With a more refined style, is dedicated to men that can come out of an industrial environment for a business lunch or a meeting with clients, for example.

The Garrison Collection (above) refines the look of the classic military boots (or combat boots), applying the finish and materials that the brand does not open hand.

To finish we have the Gentry Collection that brings the typical elements of the boots developed to be used in the field, adding canvas and making the transition between those who enjoy the nature and the “adventurer’s journal”.

Unfortunately I have found no reference dealers of the brand in Brazil, but it is possible to buy by the shop and check here by using specialized companies, or sending to a relative who lives in the USA. Anyway, to get to know the products of the Wolverine is a good way to get to know shoes of quality and style.