Steve Ballmer: Windows Phone 7 Is Not Selling Well, But We Are Not Concerned

It is the second time that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, recognizes publicly that Windows Phone 7 does not sell as would like them, but they are not worried that the future paints very well for them.

Ballmer said Microsoft build that they are very happy with the reaction of developers and partners to use its mobile platform. They believe that the progression is still good and soon will be in position to fight face to face with the dominators of the market.

He has no doubt that what’s on the market, they are the third possible ecosystem, only real alternative to iOS and Android. Two moments are especially important for the future of the platform:

  • the arrival of Mango update at the global level. It is starting to announce in the media that the update has come to Taiwan, and that it will gradually through the rest of important markets.
  • the placing on the market of the first phone by Nokia. There is news that place them in 2012, but the Finnish company has assured repeatedly that they will arrive before the end of the year.

For Microsoft, it is especially important that Nokia is a partner who thinks only of Windows Phone 7, not like the rest of the manufacturers involved in the adventure, since it will get the rest to improve it and advertise it.