Steve Jobs: “I Will Spend Every Penny of The 40,000 Million Dollars to Destroy Android”

The biography of the late Steve Jobs will give much to talk about, taking into account extracts that are appearing on the network. It will be released October 28, accompanying to the output of the new iPhone 4S.

Especially incendiary are those having to do with Android. Jobs sat down you pretty bad the appearance of the google Nexus One and HTC, with features that he interprets as stolen to Apple.

“I will until my last breath if I need it, and I will spend every penny of the 40,000 million dollars that Apple has in the Bank to correct this injustice. I’m going to destroy Android because it is a stolen product. I am willing to go to a thermonuclear war”

Sure some will remember the mysterious scene in which Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt took a coffee and discussed publicly in a local Palo Alto, since we already know what they were talking about:

“I don’t want your money. If I offer 5,000 million, I will reject them. I have enough money. I want that you fail to use our ideas on Android, that’s all I want.”

As I already explained, Apple did not seek money in return, what I wanted is that stopped using their ideas on Android. Clearly there was no approach or solution to have the war of patents that have been conteciendo with HTC or Samsung.

Will surprise to know your initial opinion on applications, an idea to which it was opposed, fearing that the company was not at the level to manage it.

Fellow Art Levinson was insistent with Steve to take account of the idea, and rejecting it because he thought that control third-party applications would be too complicated. At the end he gave his arm to twist, and already we know it the rest of the story.

The official biography by Walter Isaacson looks good, there are reviewed episodes along with President Obama, the opinion which has about Bill Gates, to a character who copied ideas, or the search for his real parents who considered.