Stop Smoking Medications in Pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, women often feel very ill because of nausea and nausea . Discomforts that occur due to the production of hormones and changes in the body of the pregnant woman.

Stop Smoking Medications in Pregnancy

The sickness can be combated with medicines that can only be consumed with the indication of a doctor, mainly, the professional that has been accompanying the pregnancy from the beginning.

Most medications are contraindicated for pregnant women because of the risks to the baby and the pregnant woman.

Medications to end pregnancy sickness

Some industrialized remedies that are prescribed by doctors to end nausea and nausea are: Meclin, Vonau, Dramin and Plasil.

All pregnant women should know that they can never self-medicate, as this will not only harm their health, but may also endanger the baby’s physical and mental integrity or even cause an abortion. So just take one of these medicines if your obstetrician allows it.

Home Remedies to End Pregnancy Dizziness

For women who prefer to consume natural things, the good news is that there are some home-cooked options that end up with nausea.

Lemon popsicle

A good home-cooked option to end sickness is to suck a homemade lemon popsicle.

To make the lemon popsicle, prepare a lemonade with 3 lemons, 1 liter of water and sweetened to taste.

Put the lemonade in popsicle shapes and put in the freezer until frozen. The less sugar is placed on the popsicle, the more effective it will be to help decrease nausea during pregnancy.

Ginger tea

Everyone says that pregnant women should be very careful about teas because they can cause miscarriage, so just consume ginger tea if your doctor tells you to.

To make the ginger tea. Cut 4 cm from a ginger, knead and leave inside the boiled water for 10 minutes.

Then co and take the tea warm and sweetened with a little honey.

Foods that decrease nausea

Pregnant women need to be very attentive to food so that the baby develops healthy and does not suffer from problems in the future.

To decrease nausea, pregnant women should consume foods rich in magnesium. Bet on skimmed yogurt, tofu, pumpkin seeds, zucchini, olive, chickpeas and black beans.

Therefore nausea and nausea that bothers women during pregnancy can be reduced or even occur due to the medications that inhibit these problems and also to the homemade recipes that seem to be very effective.

Remember to only use industrialized or home-made medicines for nausea if your doctor tells you to.