“Suop Will See The Light Next Week” Interview with Jaime Suop Pla

If there is a virtual operator who has not yet seen the light, but which has raised a great expectations for how different your strategy that has been Suop, that many consider the Spanish GiffGaff by its resolute commitment to the collaborative consumption, with an active listening of their community and future rewards to this.

In fact Suop has an open community since last September in which users have been giving their ideas, of which many have already been collected by the operator responsible for. But to learn more about how it will Suop today we bring you an interview with one of the people behind this project, Jaime Pla.

  • Xatakamovil: The first question is why having as there are so many virtual mobile operators on the market you throw you into an adventure like this?

Jaime Pla: The people who are behind Suop are people that we have seen this scene from within, we worked on the launch and development of virtual mobile operators in Spain and other countries and have been more than a year and a half with the idea in mind to assemble our own virtual operator.

Now with the war between operators which we live we are going to find our niche with a clear idea of the collaborative consumption, and of course seeing as it has done to GiffGaff have decided to dare with a similar idea in a country with 46 million inhabitants.

  • Xatakamovil: Your adventure is even more risky, you apostáis by listen and carry out if possible all the ideas that your users you are transmitting in the community since September why not an operator to use, who listens to suggestions and is now?

JP: OK with bombarding the user with advertising, now no longer to involve him in the idea and is a way that the user stays with us and is not tempted by other offers. With the idea of rewarding users for their contribution in the community this will feel more at ease, not only to feel heard but also because your contribution will have a reward.

  • Xatakamovil: There are many who are months asking the same question when will start finally Suop?

JP: We can say that the launch is imminent, will occur next week but at the moment we will offer a unique rate prepaid for more later to complete our offer.

  • Xatakamovil: do you how life give you know? There will be advertising campaign or everything will be based on word of mouth among users? There will rewards be for new users or offers of recruitment?

JP: Consider absurd to invest our funds to announce us in large advertising spaces such as the press, television or advertising Street although whether that will make any action on social networks, where we believe that our potential users are present.

We will also have a rewards program to capture new users, which will add points to the personal account of the user and can this then exchange these points for free balance, cash that will be transferred through PayPal either donate them to an NGO.

  • Xatakamovil: As many other virtual Suop has chosen as operator of red Orange, what have been the reasons for your choice?

JP: We explore all options and in fact the agreement reached after months of talks. Orange is more easy makes it, for its platform, at the operational level but then it has seemed that it is costing us boot but I assure you that we have been working day and night since April with a team of ten people without more hands than our own.

We are also aware that many users are wary of the Orange coverage although we believe that this is due to the bad reputation dragged from previous years, since it was the last operator with own network (except Telstra) to get to the Spanish market but believe that now their network is not at a disadvantage and that is reflected in the portability of the own Orange or virtual data under its coverage.

  • Xatakamovil: will they be able to connect to the network 4 G of Orange Suop users?

JP: For the time being will not have 4 G and not think it is something essential for our future users since we do not believe that the majority profile will require it. Yet the arrival of the 4G to the virtual is a matter of time and we will be vigilant, always listening to the community.

  • Xatakamovil: How does react a traditional operator when you negociáis them rent their network to an operator as special as yours?

JP: Orange reacted positively to our approach to them at the end after the benefits les a differential offer seeking users or niches not covered in its own offer or the other virtual, that makes a virtual grow in number of users, who after all also means more revenue for them.

  • Xatakamovil: We already have some idea of how it will be Suop, with the shipment of the SIM free always rates with VAT… but would be surprised Suop rates?

JP: The issue always include VAT in our messages is something that we were clear from the start, even before the users ask us through the community, and is that not include taxes is something to what did not find it logical, much that is a common practice in the sector.

In regards to our rates with a single rate leave prepaid with a bonus of 1 GB and calls with pay-per-minute at a competitive price. We have made a very big effort to adjust to the maximum. Looks like some great and others not so much, because in the end it depends on the usage of each profile. Users will have the last word. Just to say that it is time to stop mistreating customers of prepaid.

In addition we also seek to differentiate ourselves to reward our users for participating in the community and also with a new concept of bonus data.

Our bet is that the user can disable and enable when you want your bonus data, so that if one month the user will not be need connection in your mobile phone because you travel abroad or any other reason you won’t have to pay the bonus or any other monthly fixed.

  • Xatakamovil: We find Suop offer exclusively for use in mobile or also have rates focused on use in tablets or other data-intensive devices?

JP: Bonus 1 GB while it is intended for use in smartphones can be used on any device. Now not launch rates specific for tablets and other devices because we do not believe that we could be competitive in such a data-only rates.

  • Xatakamovil: We are in the era of convergence, with more and more users contracting with a same operator ADSL and mobile do you have raised I offer a combined of this style?

JP: It is too early to get into the convergent market, is a very complicated area and not we put us in it at least for the time being because of their complexity and as much as others have had to get into it to protect its convergent offer options that provide them with other operators. In this sense we will strive for the secondary lines of home with our offer.

  • Xatakamovil: We not only talk about rates, Suop will have some kind of offer of terminals, either by payment or some other system?

JP: Although we could act as intermediaries to offer free terminals we prefer to focus moment in which our service properly and more forward and if the community puts it could introduce this possibility.

  • Xatakamovil: how will be handled the enquiry or incidences of Suop users? Shall you count with a SAC attended from Spain?

JP: In a first level, any doubts or suggestions we will have attention online through the community while that our customers may use a number of short phone to turn on second level, for technical issues and possible claims.

And so far our interview. We only need Thank you Jaime PLA for lending us a bit of your time in the pre-launch work and wish them luck in a difficult market of mobile telephony in Spain.