Swatch Touch LED Watch

How to Distinguish the Original Swatch Watches
Swiss watches, known for their high accuracy and unrivaled quality, is considered a luxury for elite. She was created by the famous Swiss Breguet, Patek Philippe and Chopard manual installation. But in addition to luxury brands, available only very wealthy people, to sell difficult to find reliable and stylish Swatch watches and Flic Flac, that even students can afford.

Swatch – Response of the Japanese Expansion

70 years of the last century were not easy for Swiss watches factories. On that time, the Japanese began to produce cheap quartz watches, gained immense popularity due to the accessibility and modern design. On oldest shop in Switzerland, where they still practice manual assembly to achieve the most accurate device can not compete with the East, due to high costs and conservative performance of their models. Sledreleased by Swatch watches with hyperfine dialing – Delirium. Their major difference in reducing the number of parts as thus reducing the complexity of assembling and manufacturing costs. On thinnest watch in the world – Swatch Skin – also the brainchild of Swiss concern is still popular worldwide.


The core brand consists of four lines:

1. Original – classic models with dial and conservative design;
2. Skin – ultrafine elegant watches, especially for women;
3. Ironically – metal housing, made ​​in classic, minimalist and even sports style, with additional functions (stopwatch, calendar tachometer)
4. Digital – Stylish high-tech devices with display LED backlight. In addition, the plant produces seasonal and special collections devoted to holidays and other events. All models of Swatch, including production, presented on their official website, where you can find detailed specifications and manuals user for each of them. on the face of the original Swatch has a proprietary font respective inscription. Independently idle opinion covering the face is not as scratch resistant and impact, often made ​​of cheap plexiglass. By the material from which made ​​the strap is easy to determine the cost model Swatch: cheap, sold at a bracelet made ​​of artificial leather, plastic or silicon, more representative – of leather or metal. Trade shows All the Swatch watches are water resistant, but are designed for different models are not pressures. Cheap is authorized to remove during washing, bathing or washing vessels. For diving should find a device with higher rates.

Search Salon Brand Swatch

First, you get the product passport and a guarantee for 2 years. Each manufacturing defect will be fixed by CentralledWatch in the service center, and if the damage can not be corrected, the clock will be replaced with similar, but of good quality. Second, the company assumes replacement batteries and polishing of glass blesne. Ako person to buy a clock with hands, you need to take care of them ourselves. Third, the only way you can be 100% sure of the authenticity of watches Swatch.