Symbian Belle in Video

We know that Symbian Belle It is the name of the next update of the operating system of Nokia, and is that we have not finished assimilating Anna at all terminals, even in new like the Nokia 500, and they are already teaching us next.

Expected Nokia 700, also known as Zeta, is the first phone to have Belle, since we have seen it on their screens, but I think that it is much more interesting to do it in video. Below is a demonstration on a Nokia N8:

The video cannot be seen many developments expected in Belle, as that I picked up a few days ago, they approached the appearance and interface of Belle to the released in MeeGo Harmattan.

Is quite possible that the Nokia World 2011 October is the date chosen to deploy the update, that will reach all phones Symbian ^ 3. For those who know the evolution of the system, you will find in the video:

  • an improvement on the displacement of the browser screen
  • area of notifications and Configuration drop-down style Android
  • a new interface for the camera
  • search for applications on the launcher
  • the Organization of the widgets in landscape mode is different, with a style very Nokia N900
  • back button on the interface