Telcos Warns Against Bogus Sms

Telecommunications companies have at the weekend warned of bogus messages – and ask you to be careful if you receive an sms for a prize.

Virtually all of the Danish telecommunications companies has warned customers about a bogus message, which has been sent out to thousands of Danish mobiles over the weekend.

In the message says that you have won a prize from Sony – and then there is a link to a website which looks like Sony’s own website, but is a bogus website. Here you will be prompted to enter the account information. Which is for this information can be used for fraud after the following.

The message has spread over the weekend and are not for customers by immediately most telecommunications Smarmy monkeys.

-“We still do not know the extent of the attack. But we can look at the number of customer inquiries, that it is a fairly large attack, “says Rasmus Avnskjold, press officer at the TDC.

TDC is several times a month hit by smaller attacks of this type, but the messages are, however, rarely as implemented and so widespread as this.