Telephone Functionalities in Windows 8?

Windows 8 is an operating system for larger than 7-inch devices, that doesn’t make much sense in phones, to be Windows Phone 7 fulfilling that mission. But we already know that Microsoft intends that its devices get along with each other, and share features.

Another question will be to see how in the future can have more things in common as well as the interface Metro, as the core of the system, or the compatibility of applications.

Glancing at the multiple demonstrations of Microsoft, We see how in any of them you can see references to phone calls in the system. Clearly is a “Missed Calls”, or missed calls, in one of the ’tiles’ Metro Desk.

We also have functions relating to mobile devices in user profiles, as you can see in the image below, taken from the video below, the ability to communicate is given through the mobile number, or SMS:

It may be necessary 8 a Smartphone Windows Phone 7 paired to the PC or Windows tablet to perform this type of functionality, but what is clear is that they appear in the system.

Remember that Microsoft recently acquired Skype to enhance their possibilities for communication between devices, but for now we do not see a first fruit in that show us Windows 8.