The 7 Best Jewelry for Brides

After choosing the wedding dress, it’s time to move on to the next step: choice of jewelry .This is one of the most important steps, so those are accessories that implement and enhance even more visual.

The jewelry—contrary to what many think—must be chosen carefully, according to each style of bride dress and wedding. Thinking about it, separate the 7 best Jewelry for brides.Got curious? Continue reading the post!

1. Jewelry For Brides With Pearls

The jewelry with pearls are preferred for brides according to! Are classic, beautiful and combine with various cuts of dress. In addition, many dresses using the Pearl as garnish, then use pearls is always a good thing. Clusters of pearls, as necklace, earrings and bracelets are beautiful in strapless dresses, because they let the delicacy of the jewel.

2. Yellow Gold Jewelry

The jewelry of gold or gold-plated combine with the occasion. They are luxurious and stylish. But care must be taken with exaggerations. The gold pieces are showy in itself and must be balanced with the model of the dress, hairstyle and makeup—which should be more discreet. Are jewelry for brides perfect wedding also, because contrast with the brightness of the night.

3. White Gold Jewelry

The white gold jewelry are perfect companions of brides on their wedding day. That’s because the jewel harmonizes perfectly with the color of the bride’s dress. It’s very delicate and sophisticated. Gold Earrings with white Crystal quartz stones are most suitable for the occasion.

4. Jewelry Zirconia

Necklaces, rings and earrings with zirconia are sophisticated, neutral and convey the style piece. These jewels are ideal for weddings performed at night, but, if it is carried out during the day, it’s just balance the jewel with the other accessories. If the ring and necklace are greater, prefer the smaller bracelets.

5. Jewelry With Diamond Accents

The brilliance of the diamond is pure luxury and combines perfectly with the occasionspecial. Brides can bet on using these jewels during the day or during the night. They are beautiful also in the detail of the wreath or bracelets. Remember that it is important to balance the jewels with the other accessories and with the dress. If the dress has sparkles, prefer smaller jewels.

6. Jewel White Dolomite

The white Dolomite is a delicate stone and sophisticated. Often used at weddings, jewelry with dolomite are in harmony with the whole occasion. Are easy to match and are perfect for dresses with plenty of lace.

7. Jewel With Quartz Crystal

These gems are pure delicacy, ideal for brides more discreet and we cherish simplicity without leaving aside a hint of sophistication. The earrings with this stone are stunning! It is possible to combine with a ring too, emphasizing the beauty of the piece, the beauty of the dress.

Marriage is one of the most special moments in the life of brides, so every detail is important. The use of jewelry for brides underscores both the dress, when the beauty of woman. So, in choosing the accessories to compose the visual, don’t forget to also choose the ideal jewel!

And you, like our tips? Picked your favorite jewel? Leave a comment!