The Best Games for Smartwatch

These 9 games for your smartwatch will show you that the doll is not the worst place to play

Who said the smartwatch were not made to play? Of course, these devices are reserved for very specific games, those in which raw simplicity and causation above all, but we assure you that can be just as fun than any Angry Birds that you have installed on your smartphone. Do you want to discover the best games for your smartwatch? Here you have a generous list of 9 fantastic titles.

1. 2048 Wear

Surely many of you have played 2048, an addictive title that was many weeks as most downloaded free game in many app stores worldwide. Like the version of smartphone, the premise is simplicity Wear 2048, so we’ll have to slide the different boxes to add their values and achieve the long-awaited goal of 2048 points. Of course we warn you that doing so is not a simple task, but surely you agradecéis not have to make the smartphone pocket to make a quick getaway.

2. TetroCrate

TetroCrate is Tetris lifetime but in three dimensions. What does this mean? Well, we do not expect that the blocks are appearing at the top of the screen, but these fall literally on a surface in three dimensions, so we have to order them as best we canto fit all the pieces.

Unlike traditional Tetris, here we will not have a battle against time as we see how they are going down the pieces, but we can discuss patiently where to place it. It may seem too easy, but surely more complicated would not work well on a smartwatch.

3. Castle Stormer

This is another title that note has been specially designed for a smartwatch. Castle Stormer have to jump the walls and dodge the various enemies that we are appearing (cats). Indeed, it is one endless-run in the style Temple Run but changing 3D graphics for a simplified vertical view.

4.Wear Orbits

This fun game is definitely one of these titles you will enjoy more if you have a Moto 360. The aim of Wear Orbits is prevent the Earth collisions with other planetsand for that we move through its orbit or, if necessary, change between different orbits to avoid the dreaded collision. In the central part we will see a counter that willindicate how many seconds have saved humanity from extinction.

5. Reversi for Wear

This game allows us to make games solo or two-player (not recommended). This is an adaptation for smartwatch board game Reversi or Othello. For those who can not play, the goal is to end more chips than our opponents, so we will need to remove your chips with strategic moves.

6. Birdie Wear

This is one of those games that needs no introduction. By now we all know the viral success that supposed Flappy Bird and the many clones that appeared in the apps stores after withdrawal. Birdie Wear, indeed, is a clone of success Flappy Bird forAndroid Wear which also have to go dodging the pipes with our bird. However, if you want to try the original title in our smartwatch, the young developer Davenport explains how.

7. Asteroids and Pebloid

So far we’ve talked about the best games for Android Wear smartwatch, but did not want to forget Pebble, so we bring you this fun Asteroids. If you’ve played the original title will not require major presentations, but we use Pebble buttons to control your ship and shoot the different obstacles that we appear on thescreen.

8. Obtime

This game is also available for our Pebble and is a clone of known Drop7. I like this game especially if you are lovers of sudoku, the aim is to align different orbs to add a certain value. Undoubtedly, one of the most addictive games we can find for our Pebble smart watches listed on Vaultedwatches.

9. Letterpad

Finally, although it is not a game that we can find right now, we present the first game for the Apple Watch. If you want to know more about it you can read the article that we dedicate a few days ago, but basically we have to put together different boxes of letters to form words.

As shown in wearable, the smartwatch may be more focused on other tasks such as notifications, messenger or monitor our health, but it does not choose so we can not play a game from time to time. If you know more fun games for smartwatch do not hesitate to share them with us.