The Common Smartphone is an All-Rounder

The smartphone has long since become our daily companion. Whether at home, at work or during leisure time-our mobile phone is always there. And this is no coincidence, as smartphones have more to offer than just social networks.

Technical development never stands still. In the meantime, a smartphone replaces a series of utensils that previous generations can hardly imagine. But not just that. Soft-and hardware developers are bringing out more and more features to make everyday life easier. Do we just need our mobile phone to live?

What A Commercial Smartphone Has Long Since Replaced

1. Wristwatch And Alarm Clock

Ten years ago, almost all mobile phones had a wake-up function and were equipped with a clock. In the meantime, most cell phone watches are running over the Internet and are placed after the atomic clock. This means that they have an automatic time adjustment at the same time.

2. Navigation Devices

There are a whole range of paid but also free apps, which serve as a navigation system according to Nampabuyer. When the GPS is switched on, the smartphone can automatically locate the current location. Via installed maps, more and more mobile users can be guided to the desired destination. Some of the apps only work when the Internet is turned on, others download the maps, and work offline. The disadvantage of many offline navis is, however, that the maps quickly outdated. Nevertheless, even with a navigation device, new maps have to be downloaded regularly so that it remains up-to-date.

3. Fixed Telephone And Stationery

Who deeply in itself, will find that he seldom uses the landline phone, right? In particular, the younger generation usually has a flat rate for the mobile phone. Depending on the tariff, we can, for example, charge devices from certain mobile operators or fixed networks free of charge. Another possibility is freedom. This makes fixed-line telephones less and less needed and probably will have some time.
In addition, fewer and fewer letters are being written. In the age of SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and e-mail the lettering dies out slowly. What a pity – do we soon learn the manuscript?

4. Camera And Camera

Built-in cameras have been mobile phones for quite some time now. However, no one will claim that the devices could have replaced a photo camera. In the meantime, however, we are getting closer and closer to the whole. The mobile phones are getting better and the resolution is increasing. And where many photo cameras or cameras need accessories, newer smartphones are real all-rounder.For example, many devices are already designed to make decent images even in poor light conditions. The same is also true for videos!

5. CD/MP3 Player

The sound of many smartphones has long been good enough to replace MP3 players or other sound carriers. The advantage is also: With sufficient memory, we can pack a whole lot of music albums on our mobile phone. We can also use the songs immediately as a wake-up sound – so we never want to hear them again. And if we do not have the song we just want to listen to on the mobile phone, we just call YouTube or MyVideo or use music streaming like Apple Music, Deezer or Napster.

6. Pocket Calculator And Flashlight

Not installed on any smartphone, but probably available as an app, are flashlights. Honestly, who wants to carry a heavy and unwieldy torch with you when you have an app on the phone that works just as well? We always have the mobile phone with us. Traditional pocket calculators are also found on every mobile phone. If this is not enough, scientific pocket calculators can also download-provided that the device does not already provide a corresponding app.

7. Address Book And Notepads

Sooner or later, our handset will replace our handwritten notes entirely. The advantage is that we can organize our paperwork without any problems and do not have a leaf salad at the refrigerator or on the desk. In addition, we can equip our contacts with addresses, numbers and pictures and have everything at a glance. And since we can connect contacts directly to Facebook, the whole thing reminds almost of friend books from school times.

8. Consoles And TV

Granted – so far, no smartphone can replace a PlayStation 4 or a Gamer-PC, but we can play quite a lot of games on the mobile phone. Some games, which are available for handhelds, are now also available for mobile phones.

And here, too, there will be further developments. For example, it is with Remote Play by Sony, after all, ever able to play PlayStation games via Wi-Fi on the phone. Simply  install the Remote Playapplication on the Xperia Z5, for example, and play the favorite game.

9. Dictation Machine, Dictionaries And Translator

In school, no one ever liked the thick dictionaries, where you had to search for minutes to find the word you are looking for. And idiomatic expressions have also been found only conditionally. Apps now make it possible to quickly and easily search for terms and expressions. And by the way, dictation devices that are often better than the individual devices are also implemented in most smartphones. For quick language notes or full lecture recordings – our mobile phone we usually have. But be careful: before you take lectures, you must ask the speaker for his permission.

10. Printed Newspaper And Books

In the meantime, we can not only read the messages on mobile phones but also download books.The advantage is not only that we have less paper waste at home, but also that publishers can save printing costs and sell eBooks more cheaply than thick tummies.

And In The Future…

1. Customer Cards

The Stocard mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android. Once you’ve entered your data, you’ll never need to drag your customer card around with you again. Apart from that, you have more order in your wallet and can not lose the cards obendrein.
How does the app work? After the data input, you can present the app at the time of purchase. The seller scans the code in the app and enters your customer number. So actually everything as before.

2. Money Bags, EC And Credit Cards

More and more shops are creating near-field communication devices. As a result, the mobile phone will no longer replace only customer cards, but also the entire wallet. You stick a small chip on your phone. You can get it from your bank. If you are now purchasing your smartphone while you are purchasing the card reader, the amount will automatically be deducted from your bank account. WillNFC technology soon replace the cash?

3. Chip Cards And Hotel Keys

Hotel keys are out. In more and more hotels chip cards are used to unlock the hotel rooms. In a few years the unlocking is assumed by our mobile phones. With appropriate software, we can then open our hotel rooms without keys or cards, which we leave today with intermittent leaving rather at the front desk, in order not to lose them.

Are science fiction films becoming reality?

This Can Not Replace Your Phone

Although the smartphone can do more and more tasks, there are fortunately things that it will (hopefully) never replace. Personal contact with people is still more beautiful than just writing with them. There may be fitness coaches as an app, but we still have to move ourselves. And if we do not learn to live without oxygen and the sun, we will continue to need nature and “real life” to be happy And stay healthy.

Who knows, whether smartphones can form any nutrient-rich holograms. But if not, our smartphone has nothing to do with our food supply in the future – unless we order our food soon via delivery service apps. We hope that in the next few years we will at least put our mobile phone out of our hands. Otherwise, we are soon out of operation when the battery is empty.