The Criticism Has Had an Impact-Nordea on the Road with New App

Bank customers have just awarded Nordea’s mobile banking application, as the worst Mobile bank app. Now loves a new one on the way.

Danish mobile customers have just in one study named Nordea’s mobile banking application, as the slightest mobile banking application among a number of banks.

Subsequently, Computerworld confronted the drain plug in the study and their private Customer Manager in Denmark, Ken Adrian, has now promised improvement.

-“We are not happy to see us come out in this way. Nordea developed its mobile banking for a couple of years ago to hit all customers and will be available via all mobile phones. The development is going really strong, customers use smartphones now, and we take it seriously, of course when our customers express that satisfaction is not on level with the other banks, “says Ken Adrian.

The development is in progress with a new version of the mobile banking solution, but when it is ready is known yet.

-“We are working on it, and we’re trying to adapt to what’s happening in the market,” ending Ken Adrian.