The Eleventh Edition of The Humble Bundle with Android

While the Humble Bundle has its games section for mobile already permanently and without the hype and regular dish, not leave aside the proposals with Android. This time is a new edition of the Humble Bundle with Android, that offers games for Android and PC at one price more than remarkable.

We continue with the rules, games without copy protection for Windows Mac and Linux, redeemable via Steam, helping charities and NGOs can give dineor. However, this time there is a choice of fixed price to be taken into account. We must not forget that if we overcome the media we will have more games within a week.

Thomas Was Alone

Thomas only appeared, but then was no longer so. A platform game with simplistic aesthetic and a very solid gameplay accompanied by a good narrative, what one can describe a full-blown indie game.

Bridge Builder Playground

The name says it all: build bridges emulating architects of truth. A game system that mobile fits perfectly and will make us to leverage both our knowledge of physics and our intuition.

Cubemen (1 and 2)

I am particularly interested in the Tower Defense, and CubeMen perfectly enters the list contributing your own style. A set of fast, frenetic game and in three dimensions, in addition that will have two deliveries. So far the games get paying what may seem appropriate.

Small World 2

Paying more than the average contribution can get Small World 2, an adaptation of the Board game, which will feature a DLC that was unique at the time for those who contributed in crowdfunding. Basically there to get victoria coins conquering territories and taking advantage of the powers of various breeds.

Blackwell (1, 2 and 3)

In this adventure game we control Rosa Blackwell, who has recently seen how his aunt died after 20 years in a coma. Starting from there to see that it is a medium and must be accompanied by spirits want it or not.

Surgeon Simulator

If we provide more than $11 get the heavyweights of this edition. First of all we have one of the most successful last year in PC, a simulation game operations with more sense of humour than accuracy and ease of control.

Anomaly Defenders

Finally we have the finishing of the Anomaly saga, which has already passed several times by various bundle and some of Android. Humans have decided to fight back finally and invade the home of the aliens that have invaded the Earth and we must control the aliens attack is not successful.