The Evolution Of Sportswear: From Cuts In Pants To Fitnesschic

You may not even remember it, but the change in women’s rights and sportswear Kathrine Switzer’s bravery is noteworthy.

Do you know who we’re talking to? Lover of the running , Switzer registered in the marathon of Boston of 1967 with the dorsal 261. In writing initials its name no doubt that it was a man. At that time, female participation in marathon races was not legal if not allegative, that is, it was not prohibited but also not allowed. Clothed by her father and her boyfriend, the American athlete started the race very well until she was intimidated by the marathon director, a Scottish crank caller Jock Semple who tried to rip off his dorsal. These images were taken by the press and began to go around the world. Five years later, the story had changed. Female participation in marathon races was legalized.

Doing a little tour of the history of fashion sportswear, we remember first Greek athletes, who practiced sport completely naked. Many years later, particularly in the 1960s, the British began to wear cotton and woolen garments, trimming their trousers and sleeves. Finally, in the XXI century, we are in great demand for new materials. Exercising has become fashionable and consumers want to discover the textile that best suits their needs. Fitnesschic appears on the scene with a big bet: the SUPLEX. The best material to date to perform any type of exercise. The importance of wearing an appropriate clothing when it comes to sports is a must, so we are committed to the “gourmet” sports fabric . Do you know their characteristics? We tell you! The suplex allows total freedom in terms of movements and flexibility; Does not discolor with washes; Adapts to all types of body and hides cellulite; Its softness is superior to cotton; Allows perspiration and is not stained with sweat. But the main feature is its thermal well-being, by the rapid transfer of heat and moisture between the body, has the concept easy-care : less washed, fast drying and does not need ironing.

Who said comfortable clothing is incompatible with feeling  sexy  and  cool ? Big mistake … Our modern and colorful style characterizes us! We do not waste a day investigating what is being carried, the new trends and the looks of the most successful blogs internationally. In our online store you will find a range of sports products with a trendy  touch  that will love you. We have even designed our Tecnomed girdle as preventive and therapeutic support. Prevents herniated discs and muscle tears at the lumbar level. In addition, it controls and reduces the contour of the waist. Many of our fitgirls have already tried it. Do not hesitate to acquire the latest in the sports textile sector!

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