The IPhone 4S Comes to Spain (Although Siri Continues Being Foreigner), Cupertino Campus

The new iPhone 4S already in Spain: On Friday at the 00: 01 the first buyers were already made with the latest model of Apple, and at Applesfera I it had everything. And if you’re still doing accounts, we help with a table of prices between different operators. Your first iPhone? I showed them how started it all with this spectacular graphics. Up to the Avengers have used an iPhone 4 to record part of your trailer!

For the more curious, you ayudabamos to turn your iPhone into a microscope (only $ 20 hear!). We also analyzed thoroughly Animook, a peculiar Moog synthesizer for iPad and I showed them how to convert your iPhone 4S in a fearsome paranoid computer with the help of Siri and Iris 9000. We also found out that the version of Safari for iOS has accelerated in five seconds with respect to its previous version and the launch of kiosk is not working bad, according to the popular Condé Nast Editor.

While Apple won the patent of “ slide to unlock ”, we read incredible fixation of the company by the smallest details on iOS, and also teach you to correctly synchronize Google Calendar calendars between iOS and OS X. On the other hand, after seeing the prices of the operators, we planteábamos: is the best choice of purchase of Apple phone iPhone 4S? For now enjoy the new mobile newcomer. We love Siri, but for the moment still does not speak Spanish … to see if he soon learns, the coming week we read!