The Kiosk of Jezebel Man. The Men’s Magazines Are Welcomed to Autumn (II)

Once again, we opened the ‘kiosk of Jezebel man’ to complete this Special autumn journal. An Edition for which you have selected some of the most outstanding cover stories from the international press, as the covers devoted to James Bond, the Brad Pitt or the Prince Harry. In addition, I propose other magazines, who have just released their special of trends for the autumn/winter 2012 / 2013.


Celebrating the 50th anniversary the most popular British film saga, James Bond, GQ magazine in its English Edition has decided to pay tribute to all the actors who have portrayed this iconic character throughout history. Therefore the month of November the magazine will be with six different covers, a for every 007.

From the unmistakable Sir Sean Connery, passing by George Lazenby, Sir Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, or more recently Pierce Brosnan y Daniel Craig. Each home perfectly portrays the evolution of the Bond style, some garments so peculiar as frills shirt or suit of pinstriped as well the agent has worn secret most famous of all time throughout history. And you what your favourite Bond?

Interview (USA)

Spectacular characterization work done by the team of the Magazine Interview with Brad Pitt as actor and signed photos by Steven Klein. A story for which, the actor’s 48 years embodies different characters and, as on the big screen, all those outboard. From a refined air quite tacky mobster, passing by a dandy which could be something as well as an updated version of Dali. Not to mention the cover macarilla e, inclusive, a Rastafarian.

You can see the pictures in full in the official website of the magazine where, in addition, the director Guy Ritchie, very colleague of Pitt, you interview on the occasion of the next release of ‘ Killing Them Softly’ -the new film from the American actor – although the truth of cinema, is what less talked about these two.

Fucking Young (Spain)

Finally, it has released the first and much-anticipated number of Fucking Young. And is that the magazine based the popular Barcelona online platform, safe, leaves no one indifferent. The first edition of this new publication is led by one of the most international tops of the moment which, moreover, is a one of the fixed Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion week, at least in recent seasons, Sebastian Sauve.

Metal (Spain)

Without moving from Barcelona, Metal magazine, also headquartered in the city condal, pulls out his last number in a few days. The independent publication and with a point of view very avant garde fashion and trends of more rabid updated, presents its special trends autumn/winter 2013.

This number 28 of the magazine, comes with many new features, including changes in the design and layout that, as they themselves have said, will be a new concept, a new stage. To go opening mouth, not you just have to keep an eye on the cover, secure that you has not left indifferent. We have many more interesting things in their official blog.

Sense (Japan)

The point more rogue, rocker, thug, young and fresh so we put with the cover of the magazine Sense. The Japanese publication presents its new cover, starring French model Baptiste Radufe. One of the supermodels of the moment, that I sound much of the latest Gucci cruise campaign for next spring or parades of Perry Ellis, Robert Geller or Tommy Hilfiger, among others.

Tatler (UK)

We finished with a monarchical nod. And it is that the English magazine Tatler lifestyles is, recently appointed to the wayward Prince Harry as the man of the year. Many, I guess, have been ojiplaticos with the appointment. Above all, taking into account the latest adventures of the young man in las Vegas. Although the magazine focuses more on good military work, and you scans as mass phenomenon What is it.

Without doubt, second targets the medium, the most popular character of England of the moment, surpassing in fame to other celebrities from the world of the spectacle. Or said in other words, that Harry is in fashion. Finally and after all, I would say that it is the royal that arouses more empathy. As you can imagine, the Prince Henry has not posed exclusively for the magazine, the photo – which was taken earlier this year – the firm Tim Rooke, and it belongs to the official archive of the English Crown.