The Large Technology Preview: We Know What Happens in 2014!

XXL-displays, people who make calls using their watch, absolute integration of House and car. Users require hardware that must be always delicate and powerful at the same time. One thing is clear: 2014 is a year of exciting innovations.

Notebook & Tablet

2013 for the first time more tablets as notebook computers were sold. The tough fight for market share provides pressure for innovation and more choice a chance for manufacturers and customers. So hopefully 2014 finally come to notebooks with better screens on the market, because most notebook screens apart from exceptions such as the Fujitsu U904 or Apple’s MacBook Pro series are prominent pixel notes than those of smartphones. More power for the Tablet offers Intel’s new processor serial Baytrail. She should suffice even for beginners notebooks and PCs. In addition to higher speed processors get new features: Qualcomm, the largest processor manufacturer of smartphones and tablets, and Intel have announced in some chip models to build mobile technologies such as LTE. This is cheaper than an additional processor, so that notebook and Tablet – build cheaper mobile Internet equipment manufacturers can.

That happens 2014: the great technology preview

Smartphones & co

Classic cell phone features increasingly in the background appear in times of WhatsApp, Facebook and email end of 2014 smartphones of even less with traditional mobile phones have to do. So far, display sizes ranging from four inches (iPhone 5) and five inch (Galaxy S4) were considered normal. 2014 but XXL-smartphones are commonplace with screens up to six inches. These so-called Phablets make smaller tablets on the move unnecessary. So too should get expected iPhone 6 Finally a larger screen for October 2014. End of 2014 come the first flexible displays. So, new equipment designs, innovative accessories or splitter fixed mobile displays are possible. Rings, watches, glasses, fitness – bracelets 2014 back high-tech gadgets the users closer to the chapel. Report incoming emails and phone calls on your Smartphone, analyze fitness data via radio or look at critical health data alarm.

DSL & wireless

Telekom, Kabel Deutschland & co. invest in faster mobile and fixed networks. With phone calls, they deserve but less and because customers increasingly stream music and videos, rates to fill in the future also in the fixed network provider funds with data packets. Use of the Internet is more expensive, works out the fusion of E-plus/O2, there are only three major mobile service provider. Experts fear that there is a slow network expansion to less competition, higher prices, and in the country: the necessary investment per customer are much higher than in cities in the province. To bind customers, Deutsche Telekom for Otto-normal-surfer wants to introduce throttled volume rates. Similar plans O2 with the AllNet flat from July.

Operating systems and software

Experts agree that 2014 at least a pre-release version of the next major Windows Update comes. Perhaps it is even version 9. Internally, the update or the new version is code named threshold (threshold). The most important changes:

Facebook mutates into the old people’s home

2014 a turning point for Facebook. The competition is strong as never before and the young users find uncool the social network. While Facebook is grappling with a long-promised new design, use young people of prefer blog platforms like Tumblr or share your images and videos on Instagram. The users can decide in the future according to personal preference, says dawn Airey from Yahoo. 2014 still more diverse is the world of social networks: each service specialized in a field on which he offers more than Facebook.

The janitor in the Pocket

2014 all devices in the House move closer together over the display of Smartphone and tablet, from where they can control themselves. For a few hundred euros, the smart technology brings more security and comfort. Smart start-ups, but also giant companies like Telekom, RWE & co. want to connect our home with their own systems. But the networked House becomes the major trend for 2014, if a standard established.