The Look Right: Tailoring Jacket for Outdoor Activities

Hardly anyone considers incorporate an item of tailoring to a combination of parts devoted to outdoor activities, some of this is due to the logic that tells us to select items that are sturdy and comfortable, as much is because of the accommodation and the laziness of trying something new. 

This time we will show you how a piece like the vest of tailoring according to, which seemed out of place in the outdoor look, just falling right in the end.

Why Does It Work?

The vest was a sure bet, your texture with a certain rusticity provided by thick wool just married with visual proposal and composition eventually giving a broken in look with denim jeans (shirt and pants), contrasting with the color of denim without, however, be too striking, unlike what would happen with a nylon vest Orange for example, the most common choice in a case like this. Another plus point is that the tailoring vest is not so bulky, favoring the chubs or who has a lot of muscle mass.

The choice of the boot parruda, footwear to walk (known as hiking boot) was also convenient to keep the climate’s look, a more refined shoe would leave the combo with an urban guy.


Add a sports watch with leather bracelet, will give an up in visual and maintain the style. If the combination of denim + jeans don’t like it, try a sea of denim and cargo pants with pockets flat.

It Wouldn’t Be The Same If…

delete the vest of tailoring, we’d still have a nice look, but we can’t have this interesting piece, which leaves the result so unusual.

In Short:

Once in a while is a good try on pieces of different styles to see what happens;

Pay attention to textures offered by certain types of tissues, they can combine with looks of different styles;

Double denim is very nice, but sometimes it’s nice to have a piece to overlap and break the “suit”;

Heavy boots always remember outdoor activities, don’t forget them if the idea and compose a visual like that;

Accessories also takes place here, especially a stately clock;

The nylon vest, obvious choice here, may not fall well in who’s very corpulent.

Additional Tips:

For fat -maybe the shirt off to leave you a bit sloppy, if you think she is not favoring you use it inside and close the vest if you consider best.

For short–make sure the shirt is half the height of hip, if your spend, use it in your pants, so she won’t shorten your legs.

To altões-the shirt into the pants and a contrasting belt are good choices to cut the silhouette, as well as the vest. If you want, choose a lower wedge boot, but that has a face on the footprint rustic look.