The Look Right: Winter Comfortable with Knitting Cardigan

Not always the look of winter involves long coats, leather jackets or pieces of tailoring, the station also can be reason to create warm and comfortable combinations with style stripped and not really up to be “cool”. In the picture this week we have 3 parts which contribute fully to create this profile and we’ll talk more about the following:

Why does it work?

A wise choice was the Cardigan olive breaking combo almost monochrome and gives volume to the top of the body. The knitting type “cable knit” is very good to attract attention and avoids visual too uptight, as well as cargo pants flat with its side pockets and trim a little looser. Another hit was stop there with the details, if the shirt was emblazoned or had some standard combo would be with too much information. The scarf was also a good way to let cozy combination, mainly for being of wool and have your proportional to the volume of the Cardigan, if one of the two pieces was thinner, there wouldn’t be such harmony. Also deserves applause choosing a monk strap shoes instead of sneakers, it would be the most obvious choice, so the combo doesn’t seem relaxed too much. The thick-rimmed sunglasses tortoise type only contribute with the spirit cool.


mount the same look with jeans if you’re not a fan of the Office. To protect the head from the cold is worth a hat like trilby or fedora and even a warm Cap.

It wouldn’t be the same thing if…

We replaced the Cardigan for a blazer or jacket according to FashionConfidentials, because we would lose that casual, almost homemade, which was achieved with this composition.

In short

  • Comfortable pieces and can create a visual “relax” but without look like pajamas;
  • Break the monochrome with a Cardigan in contrast;
  • Sometimes it’s good that the scarf harmonize your volume with the coat or sweater to knit;
  • Cargo pants with pockets flat is the best choice to not interfere negatively in silhouette;
  • Shoes make the slightly more serious visual and in this case that’s great;
  • The look already has enough information, so opt for a shirt without print;
  • Protect your head with a hat like trilby or a Cap.

Where to use?

This look is not the more professional, so think carefully before adopting it for work. If you frequent sites without a dress code demanding will have many opportunities to do something similar and use a good, but give preference for daytime use, these colors work best in daylight.

Additional tips:

For fat-if your legs are too fat to give up the post, replacing it with a chino or a twill with straight cut. The scarf is a good, draws attention to the face and gives a disguised in the belly, keep. The Cardigan knit cable increases the volume, it would be better to a plain or with vertical design without much relief.

For short–Cardigan always open forms a vertical line that leads straight to the face, in addition to a less noticeable break in silhouette. Between double bar and order, take the second option, the folds make legs look shorter.

For the altões-if you want to wear a scarf with stronger color, feel free, this helps people focus on the top of the look. A hat can you stretch even more, maybe the CAP is a better and more relaxed option to protect your head.