The New Google Nexus Comes In The Autumn

The new Nexus Google is coming and it is already eagerly puzzled about the technical refinements. Also not yet fixed always, which manufacturers will produce the new smartphone. In particular, LG and Motorola are talking (7 mobile reported). But even HTC have not yet transcribed the experts. The two predecessors, the “nexus one” and the “nexus S” were each made by HTC and Samsung.

The blog “boy genius report” will now have exclusive insider information about the future nexus.Supposedly the device “nexus 4 G” is to say, because the Smartphone, LTE support. Of course a faster dual as an exclusive device core processor, may come with 1.2 GHz or 1.5 GHz clocked to the usage.

The blog also stated that the memory would be 1 gigabyte. Should one be to find 5 megapixel camera on the back for photos and videos and a 1 megapixel camera on the front for video calling.

Of course, Google’s new smartphone from the nexus is equipped series with the latest version of the Android’s own operating system. “” Already is heavily rumored that even the advertised version “ice cream sandwich” will run on the “nexus 4 G”.

The screen of the new nexus was “boy genius report” on it to resolve huge and with 720 pixels high. The Smartphone should be to use only touchscreen and have no extra QWERTY keyboard. Also the case of the “nexus 4 G” would be very flat. That in turn could suggest that HTC case produced the new Top Smartphone from Google using the new plastic-metal (7 mobile reported).

According to an unknown source Google should have targeted the launch of the new “nexus 4 G” for the end of November. So far, no price is known.