The Next IPhone Could Come in The Fall of 2012 with a Completely New Design

The fact that the iPhone 4S has been launched few months ago does not prevent that rumors regarding the next generation of the terminal begin to occur. It seems to be our fate by end of the year in the same way we started it, talking about how it might be the future iPhone 5, If that is the name that will be baptized the new model.

They have been the companions of BGR that have blown up alarms to indicate that in Cupertino will be taken their time before bring to light a new terminal. In fact, it seems that we might be in a change “ almost permanent ” in the cycle of renewal of the iPhone, by placing this year the period of appearance of new models in the months after the summer break.

What at first seems a novelty, supplanting the first news that placed an early iPhone 5 in the usual leading up to the summer months, is not the most juicy of this new “ gossip ”, leaving lor more interesting to other purely aesthetic issues.

While we have read it countless times, BGR seems very confident in stating that the device will be completely redesigned. In fact, according to the rumor the terminal would be a new rear entirely made of aluminium, the style of the fourth generation of iPod touch, with a bezel that surrounds the glass screen in a rubber-like material used in the current “ bumpers ” and whose mission will have a dual purpose.

On the one hand, a kind of existing guard between the glass front and the aforementioned back of aluminium. On the other hand, give shelter to the antenna that will surround the device, a one-piece aluminum rear allowing build without having to insert another piece of plastic on the antennas, as it happens in the first generation iPad.

Obviously could not miss the corresponding increase in the dimensions of the screen that, as it had been commenting for many months, it would not exceed 4 inches.

Is clear that, if true the fact that we will not see a new iPhone until next fall, This was only the first of many rumors of those we have knowledge from here to date.