The ‘Peacoat’, The Shelter Preferred This Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013. Special Street Style (III)

Some think that after two specials, one more dedicated to the Reefer sailor par excellence, It may be excessive. Maybe you are right but, certainly I think it is the perfect coat of the season, so this passion (just a little obsessive, admit) that generated me this garment this season ofautumn/winter 2012 / 2013, I can not share it with all of you.

Before we can review some proposals of catwalk and, in addition, some suggestions of more economical brands. That said, today we are longing to the street so see how the Streeters they are combining this garment and already by the way, we see some style tips.

Ezequiel You ah given a point between rustic and college its combination of peacoat. He has opted for one in of Roasted tone wool. The tie point in Bordeaux, the shoulder bag of retro style color camel, and Marino great scarf give it a very cool to the set. Moreover I would put it so which, by making small changes adapted to my style.

The same Ezekiel who, apparently, is a great lover of this type of outerwear, proposes another combination. In this case with one coat I marineo in Navy, combined with a rebecon in the purest apres ski style -trend fashionable, certainly in recent seasons – color raw and adorned with ornate fretwork. The look is completed with light blue shirt and jeans in grey. Very successful.

A model that does not fail the typical Reefer sailor blue with Golden buttons, a Winter Classic. Give you a touch current with fashion colors as the tile It can be a success, as well as make David from Bucharest.

I loved the style ease of Bryan, from Washington. Bet on a young loose and relaxed silhouette, What is now being called as the easy fit, trend as opposed to the extremely tight cuts.

His peacoat in grey marble, is a basic of which all years can be found, this is from H & M. To give a touch very tendency for the tone of the season, the oxblood, with some straight Chinese pants very wide and with fun hem box vichi. The point of the desert boots complete the whole casual roll.

Oakland we are to B the peacoat has nothing to do. Far more risky opts for a model in pictures in red and black with plot tartan Brooks Brothers brand. The rest of the ensemble, combined two piece cowboy and giving a Mountaineer touch with boots, also seem to me very attractive. All pillo-nothing is what of socks over pants, one detail too much truth could have saved.

Finally, I leave you with a very simple combination, but at the same time very effective and inspiring. Dorian from the cold Massachusetts, gives a touch very nerd to the set with their glasses of pasta and the CAP point in Bordeaux. But for others, the rest of items are those that anyone has in her wardrobe. Dark straight-cut jeans, a in broken white knit sweater, and giving a further gentleman, a few stylish shoes in Brown.