The Right Bikini for Every Body Type

Now that summer is already knocking on the door and beachwear trends were presented on the catwalk, it’s time to pick which will be the Bikini or swimsuit that will make your head when the Sun arrived. To succeed in this task fashion, Camilla Lima, fashion editor of Marie Claire, made a selection of the models presented in the last SPFW that will value the good spots of your body.Keep an eye on our guide and storm when stepping on the sands!

Swimsuits With Graphic Effects On The Sides And Model Cheating On Mom 
Who presented: Rosa Cha, Neon, Paola Robba and Adriana Degreas
Advantage: draw the waist and hides the tummy. The play inspired by underwear, presented by Rosa Cha, is perfect for anyone who has body mignon–because it helps to elongate the silhouette. In colors, avoid the nude, only suitable for the well because very skinny.Black is classy and is still a good alternative.

Bikinis With V-Necks And Tie The Neck 
Who presented: Coconut water, movement, Rosa Cha and Adriana Degreas
Advantage: deep necklines value the breasts, while bikinis tie neck help in support. So, are indicated for those with larger bust. The model displayed on the catwalk of coconut water is a good example of how to focus on the upper part of the body, hiding extra measures in the area of the belly.

Bikinis With Applications And Stripes On Top 
Who presented: Movement and Paola Robba
Advantage: fashion prints across stripes give the illusion of breasts closer, valuing the body who does not have much bust. The same is true of the applications – which may be fabric or sequins-and leave the highlighted region. Who has very small breasts should avoid strapless at all costs.

Loose Panties, Hot Pants And Bows On The Sides 
Who presented: Coconut water, Adriana Degreas and Neon
Advantage: for enhance the hips to just combianção a-bows on the sides and clear prints. This turbine region of the body, as well as the horizontal stripes. Therefore, it is advisable to enter the wardrobe who’s skinny or has little butt. The hot pants, which came hard on the runway, are privileged and who isn’t overweight. Still, it’s worth avoiding the nude color. Panties bikinis wider work well for most Brazilians, but if you want to innovate, use the high waist and side dug. He adjusts the proportions and stretch your legs, as shown on the Neon.

Pieces That Add Value To The Shoulders 
Who presented: Coconut water, movement and Adriana Degreas
Advantage: the shoulder is also structured fashion in swimwear. Is a great alternative to balance the silhouette of the Brazilian, who generally have small bust and larger measures of hip. If the idea is also to hide the belly, bet on swimsuits with cutout bit dug in the region. One shoulder models give the impression of narrower shoulders, as well as the neckline regatta.