“The Sector Teleco Is The Worst Press, Want to Give It Back” Interview with Mobile Republic

A week ago that has unveiled a new mobile virtual network operator, Mobile Republic, with four rates of all ranks and a message very clear, to share their successes with their users by the pioneering Plan that rewarded each month to those who recommend your services to friends or family.

And on the occasion of its launch at Engadget Mobile we have had the opportunity to chat with them in a Interview that tell us your first impressions, as they were the preparations, because they took certain decisions in defining its offer and which we will later see. All this in the following eight questions:

1 – You’ve come to a market, the mobile telephony in Spain, where we already have four operators with own network and more than 20 virtual what notabais missing in this market to launch you into the adventure?

The telecoms sector is the worst press has in Spain, even above the banks after all lived, seeing many customers who paid authentic atrocities in their bills by what we think to launch mobile Republic with the aim of turning the service prices.

Our main message is that we want to share our success with customers and hence the pioneers Plan that rewards customers who speak well of us and getting their friends or relatives to also bring their mobile lines to our company.

Another of our premises in the simplicity, the user is also very easy to manage their lines and control their use from the web or mobile applications and if you need our service customer always will be attended by personnel from our own offices.

2 – Have chosen the network of Orange, the operator with the largest number of virtual that use its network, what have been the reasons as well as economic to decant I for her?

Coverage in Spain is very good compared to other countries in our area so based on this premise we are looking for the best fit with a network operator and having talking with all operators with own network eventually we settled on Orange.

3. in the era of convergence what you can do for users seeking to join ADSL and mobile? Do you have throw you sometime to resell ADSL?

Always had in mind to offer that in what could provide a good service and without the mobile section is already difficult in the fixed is much more complicated so early on discarded completely enter the ADSL market.

We still believe that our rates offer is very good for second lines and those who we try to secondary lines will surely also carrying his main.

4. your rates are actually competitive in their versions with lower monthly fee but the highest are not really that better conditions offer the market why not you have dared with a tariff with unlimited calls?

The median is a fee for those seeking a good choice with Internet and some calls to find out what they will pay to the end of the month and not to be used with unexpected bills, that it have located in a monthly fee of 16.90 euros, which falls in the middle of the rates for Internet calls at price per minute and rates with more minutes or unlimited calls.

La Grande believes that with its 1000 included minutes we cover the needs of 98% of mobile phone users. Providing unlimited calls without tricks or fine print reject because it could call into question our profitability since the virtual pay our network operators the minutes consumed, although the average consumption of our users we will study to examine whether it is possible and necessary to extend the limit of minutes or launch a new fare.

In addition we want to stress that all our rates prices in case of consuming the minutes included in them is the same, a penny per minute more the 15 cents of establishment of call, a pretty competitive price compared to our competitors and which pursues the idea of having rates the easy as possible explain.

5 – The data seem to have become more important than the voice in choosing and your offer is in a giga for which no bonds of extra data or rates with more gigs?

Soon we will add extra data bonds while bonds we offer in our rates now believe that they cover the needs of most users and also offer one of the megs extra more economical on the market, two cents.

We also have the option of reducing the speed once consumed data included in our rates but we believed that would spoil the experience of our customers.

6 – You count with a store of free in collaboration with another company terminals, not is did you not offer a payment by instalments of terminals as they do other operators?

We explore the payment by instalments option even if we believe that your online processing would be all a nightmare by the documentation that we should ask our customers and the entire process involved even if we find a simple solution we will offer it. Meanwhile, we focus on offering free terminals at reasonable prices.

7 – One of your points strong are the rewards to customers to capture new customers the customer is the best commercial of your company?

It is always the case, the client always has their experience to their relatives for good or for bad, and the pioneers Plan can help us even if the customer has a bad experience will serve nothing.

We also discard to entice new customers with offers of welcome or rewards for that reason because it would confuse our message, reward would not be very important and also in the tests we did before our official launch nobody kicked him missing.

8 – you have finally marked you a goal of reaching 100,000 users in two years, but in the short term what to expect from your operator? Has it well started the adventure?

In the end when you start with a new business you have to mark a target and we established the 100,000 customers in two years watching the evolution of other operators though now at the beginning we comply with capture a 1-2% of the lines that are capturing every month virtual operators.

At the moment can not evaluate as it has been the Starter although if we are in the best scenario that we had raised. In fact we think that many customers we would prove requesting new high without carrying your main number and lines that we have achieved environment 80% come from other companies.

And so far our interview. We only need to thank those responsible for mobile Republic for providing us a bit of their time in their first week of life and wish them luck in a difficult market of mobile telephony in Spain.