The Smart Watch that Combines Technology and Style

Timex Metropolitan is a watch that will accompany you in your daily activities combining style, technology and design.

Running, cycling or just walking; Are some of the activities we do daily, after work or at the moment of distraction.For these moments, there are several implements that can help us facilitate our sports spaces, such as Metropolitan, a watch that provides useful information daily, and also incorporates a modern design, with style and fashion.

Timex line clocks include a fourth hand that measures distance traveled, number of steps taken during the day and calories burned, data that can be consulted daily and can be very helpful when practicing some physical activity.

This watch has Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to the Timex Connected application on the phones with IOS and Android system and store the data for the user to analyze them at any time, keeping a constant record and without pauses, since this watch Does not require regular charging according to vaultedwatches, as its charge lasts for one year.

You can see your progress in the face of your watch and the percentage of fulfillment of your goals. The app stores all your data so you can analyze them at any time.

In this new line of Timex, technology merges with fashion, since the watches have interchangeable straps quickly and easily in black and orange, to combine them according to the look.

Find the Metropolitan collection in Clock 12:34 located in mall Costanera Center, and in the great stores of the country.

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